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Anime Profile: Sekirei

USA Info
Japanese Info
Sekirei Sekirei(セキレイ) Sekirei
12 TV episodes(first season) 12 TV episodes(first season), 13 TV episodes(second season)
November 11, 2010(first season) July 2, 2008–September 17, 2008(first season), July 4, 2010-September 26, 2010(second season)
FUNimation Square-Enix Enix, Aniplex, Seven Arcs, Sekirei Project
  Sakurato Gokurakuin
  Keizo Kusakawa
Martial Arts, Adventure, Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, Sci-Fi Martial Arts, Adventure, Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, Sci-Fi
Minato Sahashi Minato Sahashi
· · ·
Miya Asami Miya Asami
· · ·
Musubi Musubi
· · ·
Hiroto Minaka Hiroto Minaka
· · ·
Homura Homura
· · ·
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Anime Characters: Sekirei

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Minato Sahashi Minato Sahashi Kazehana Kazehana
Miya Asami Miya Asami Kusano Kusano
Musubi Musubi Matsu Matsu
Hiroto Minaka Hiroto Minaka Takami Sahashi Takami Sahashi
Homura Homura Tsukiumi Tsukiumi

Anime Description: Sekirei

After failing the college entrance exam for the second year in a row, Minato Sahashi thought his life couldn't get any worse, let alone his prospects for finding a girl. Then a cute, busty girl dressed like a miko named Musubi literally falls into his lap – and with her, trouble! Now the poor guy finds himself surrounded with cute girls, busty women and bishonen guys as Minato finds out he can't leave the city to get away from this madness! Seems these people that suddenly came into his life are involved in a deadly contest, one that might end-up killing him, not to mention Musubi!

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