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Character Profile: Minato Sahashi

USA Info
Japanese Info
Minato Sahashi Minato Sasashi(佐橋 皆人) Minato Sahashi (Sekirei)
Ashikabi of the North Ashikabi of the North
Human Human
Male Male
21 21
Black Black
Brown Brown
Second year ronin, Ashikabi to Musubi, Kusano, Matsu, Tsukiumi and Kazehana Second year ronin, Ashikabi to Musubi, Kusano, Matsu, Tsukiumi and Kazehana
Joel McDonald Shinnosuke Tachibana
Feather 1, "Sekirei" Feather 1, "Sekirei"
Sekirei Sekirei

Character Description: Minato Sahashi

Minato Sasashi's life seemed to be going nowhere very fast. He's a very brilliant person, but his inability to cope under pressure had cost him the college entrance exam for the second year straight! With little prospects for the future, he was walking down the street when Musubi fell into his lap – literally. Seemed the girl was being pursued by Hikari and Hakibi, who were trying to destroy the girl because she was an unwinged Sekirei.

With nowhere else to go, Minato hid Musubi at his apartment, but warned her not to make too much noise since his landlord won't let-out his complex to couples. It was while trying to get food for the night when he ran into Hikari and Hakibi again – and Musubi had the bad luck to follow him. But in the battle that followed, Musubi kissed Minato, thus confirming him as her Ashikabi. The following evening, however, Minato found himself and Musubi without a home when the landlord found them out – but on the same night found themselves a new home at Miya Asama's Izumo Inn.

Minato's not much of a fighter, but since the Sekirei he's winged are fighting for their lives, he will put himself at risk to make sure they don't fight needlessly. And even though he doesn't have a full-time job, he still gets an allowance from his mother Takami. What he doesn't know, however, that his father is the C.E.O. Of Mid Bio Informatics Hiroto Minaka – the scientist that is running the Sekirei Plan. Minato's older sister Yukari is also an Ashikabi, her Sekirei being Shiina.

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