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Character Profile: Miya Asama

USA Info
Japanese Info
Miya Asama Miya Asama(浅間 美哉) Miya Asama (Sekirei)
Sekirei #01  
· · ·
Hannya of the North  
· · ·
Miss Landlady  
Sekirei Sekirei
Female Female
Appears 40 years old Appears 40 years old
Light purple Light purple
Purple Purple
Owner of the Izumo Inn Owner of the Izumo Inn
Monica Rial Sayara Ohara
Feather 2, "The Door to a New Residence" Feather 2, "The Door to a New Residence"

Character Description: Miya Asama

Miya Asama is the oldest Sekirei in existence, and the owner of the Izumo Inn (or Maison Izumo), which she owned with her late husband Takehito, who was also her Ashikabi. Oddly, most of the residents of her inn are also Sekirei – Homura, and Matsu, but has kept the fact that she is a Sekirei successfully. Obeying an honored tradition of never turning away anyone needing shelter, she allowed Musubi and Minato Sahashi to stay after they were evicted from the apartment Minato had rented. Later on, the Izumo Inn became the residence of Kusano, Tsukiumi and Kazehana as well.

Miya arguably is the most powerful Sekirei alive, and was once a member of the first of the Discipline Squads. A master swordswoman, she is capable of producing powerful shock waves with just a swing of her sword. But as before, her identity as a Sekirei is secret, but she helps Musubi in her martial arts training. And when Musubi once asked whatever happened to Sekirei #01, Miya just says that she had died a long time ago.

As the landlady of the Izumo Inn, she never allows fighting or profanity on the premises. Anyone who does often sees a visage of a demon in back of her – even though she often smiling when it happens!

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