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Character Profile: Akira Sakura

USA Info
Japanese Info
Akira Sakura Akira Sakura Akira Sakura (Shadow Star Narutaru)
Human Human
Female Female
13 years old 13 years old
Black Black
Blue Blue
5'4" 163 cm
Type AB Type AB
"Shiina... My f-friend."  
Shadow Star Narutaru Shadow Star Narutaru

Character Description: Akira Sakura

Akira is shy and anti-social. She stutters and pauses when speaking, and usually says nothing at all when asked a question. She is linked tightly to her Dragonchild, Ensof, whose frequent journeys to the sky often result in her jerking her head back and falling to the floor in a spasm of fear and vomiting. This usually happens right in the middle of her class, which makes her an outcast to the other students. Experiences with such loneliness have made Akira nervous, and suicidal at that.

Akira first meets Shiina in a sword martial arts class, where she is hesitant to band with the spunky younger girl and eventually tries to cut herself after spotting Hoshimaru in the locker room (and running away). Akira later meets up with Shiina by waiting on her table at the Sakura family restaurant, where they go upstairs and Akira reveals Ensof.

Later, Akira and Shiina are followed by a boy Akira's own age who corners them in the forest and triggers an all-out battle between him, the girls, their star-shaped friends, and his giant sword-shaped beast "Push Dagger". He eventually knocks Shiina out and flirts with Akira, noticing the cuts on her wrists and telling her that she can help him change the world. In one final effort, Shiina comes to the rescue with Hoshimaru and kills the boy.

Akira is not seen again until much later, where she has cut her hair to a boy's length and follows Shiina into the dark home of the two college boys whom Shiina claims to know...

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