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Shiina TamaiShiina TamaiShiina Tamai (Shadow Star Narutaru)
11 years old11 years old
5'1"155 cm
63 lbs28.6 kg
Type OType O
"I won't give up... that's just the way I am!""I won't give up... that's just the way I am!"
Kelly Ray
Shadow Star NarutaruShadow Star Narutaru

Character Description: Shiina Tamai

Shiina is a born tomboy, and very good at sports. She is daring and not scared of taking risks. She is tall for her age, and acts mature in serious situations. She is a bit rash, though, and will try to handle things sometimes without knowing the danger involved.

Shiina takes a trip to a small island to visit her grandparents at the beginning of the series. She races her friend Satoru out to the shrine, where she takes a deep breath to explore underneath. No sooner does she find a strange starfish-looking animal than her nose fills with water and she begins to drown. Satoru comes to her rescue, and she promptly leaves for home.

Shiina, Hoshimaru, Akira, and Ensof together are inseparable. There are many more adventures that the four have, but you may read more about that in the general bio of the show. I don't want to spoil everything for you!

Character Description: Shiina Tamai

Shiina is an outgoing but self-conscious preteen, doing very poorly in her academic school classes and struggling with a broken family. Despite this, Shiina is always happy and optimistic. She is full of bright kindness and is always careful to look out for all of her friends. Shiina always looks on the bright side of things, sometimes even getting a swelled head and jumping into dangerous situations without thinking them through.

At the beginning of the series, young Shiina is on a vacation - spending a week at a small southern island city for her summer vacation to visit her grandparents. While out on the beach, she challenges her friend Satoru to one final race in the water. She dives down beneath the shrine there, finding a cute alien starfish creature. She drowns and is saved by the non-verbal extraterrestrial, whom she names Hoshimaru and carries around with her.

What seems like an innocent friendship turns into an all-out battle between Shiina and Hoshimaru (along with her shy older friend Akira and her unearthly companion Ensof) and a band of teenagers with similar creatures whose ultimate goal is to rebuild the world in their own image...!

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