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Zeke AsakuraHao Asakura (葉王 麻倉)Zeke Asakura (Shaman King)
13 years old (season 1), 14 years (season 2) (born May 12, 1985 - reincarnation)13 years old (season 1), 14 years (season 2) (born May 12, 1985 - reincarnation)
Long, brownLong, brown
Dark brownDark brown
5'3"160 cm
About 85 lbsAbout 38.6 kg
"You will join me Yoh!"
Sebastian ArcelusMinami Takayama (みなみ 高山)
Shaman KingShaman King

Character Description: Zeke Asakura

Hao is the not only the twin brother of Yoh, but his ancestor as well. By learning to master the five elements (the 1st four of the human world, the last of spirit world), Hao became a god among Shamans. He was once kind and used his power to help others, but when he began having visions of the evil which lay inside those humans that he saved, he became determined to become Shaman King and rid the world of non-shaman humans.

But Hao was assassinated by his own family and sealed... though since he had mastered all five elements, Hao had the power to reincarnate himself once every 5 centuries so that he could fight for the title of Shaman King.

In his 1st reincarnation, Hao was a part of the Patch Tribe. He seemed normal at first, but by the time the Shaman Tournament began, Hao stole and mastered the Spirit of Fire, a very powerful spirit made by the Great Spirits of the Patch Tribe. Despite how powerful he became, Hao was by killed by YohKen Asakura and Matamune.

On his recent reincarnation, Hao was born as Zeke, Yoh's brother. Milkihisa tried to kill him while he could (despite that he may have needed to kill Yoh too), but Zeke summoned his Spirit of Fire to protect both him and his brother, scaring their father in the process. Zeke left soon after to assemble followers for his cause. Some follow him for power, some shared the same ideals Hao possesses, and others out of sheer loyalty, especially Opacho. They who turned Zeke down or are weak and useless are incinerated by him.

But despite the fact Yoh wants to stop him, Zeke only wishes for his 'brother' to be as strong as he is... so he can absorb his spirit.

Hao's first life was more than 1000 years ago, when he was part of the Asakura family. Then when he mastered the 5 elements and was killed by the Asakuras, he reincarnated 500 years later as an Apache to steal the Spirit of Fire. That time he was killed by Yohken Asakura. Finally he reincarnated for a second time and came out as Yoh's twin, his soul was separated in two, the 'good' part which is Yoh, and the 'evil' which is Hao. So, in total, he had 3 lives.

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