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Character Profile: Yoh Asakura

USA Info
Japanese Info
Yoh Asakura Yoh Asakura(葉 麻倉) Yoh Asakura (Shaman King)
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  You Asakura(alternate spelling)
Human Human
Male Male
13 years old(season 1), 14 years(season 2)(born May 12, 1985) 13 years old(season 1), 14 years(season 2)(born May 12, 1985)
Brown Brown
Brown Brown
5'3" 160 cm
85 lbs 38.6 kg
Shaman, leader of the Yoh-gumi Shaman, leader of the Yoh-gumi
"Don't worry, it'll work out somehow" "Daijobu datte, nantoka naru!"
Sebastian Arcelus Yuuko Satou(ゆうこ 佐藤)
Shaman King Shaman King

Character Description: Yoh Asakura

Yoh Asakura is the main character of Shaman King. He sleeps in class and walks around with orange headphones. He's also a shaman; he can talk, see, and even merge the spirits inside his own body. He's always the positive kind of guy. His guardian spirit is Amidamaru, a samurai killed 600 years ago. His weapon is a katana named Sword of Light (called Harusame in the Japanese version, which means "Spring Rain" and not Sword of Light). Later he'll merge Amidamaru in Harusame to make a more powerful kind of over-soul.

Yoh Asakura is an easy-going and cheerful guy (in some points) and seems to be a slacker. Yet, he comes from a long line of Japanese shamans. Even though he's in junior high (in the manga), he's engaged to marry Anna Kyoyama, an itako (a traditional Japanese shaman) who helps him train to become the Shaman King.

Note: In the English version, the Spring Rain is the first sword crafted by Mosuke, and the Sword of Light is the last, but in the Japanese version these two swords are actually only one sword which is called the Harusame, meaning "Spring Rain".

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