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Character Profile: Silva

USA Info
Japanese Info
Silva Silva Silva (Shaman King)
Human Human
Male Male
Late 20s Late 20s
Black Black
6'2" 188 cm
130 lbs 59 kg
Shaman Fight Officitator Shaman Fight Officitator
"You are not welcome in the Shaman Tournament."  
Dan Green Hikaru Midorikawa
Shaman King Shaman King

Character Description: Silva

Silva is a Native American Shaman of the Patch Tribe, who live in the Desert of the West in Western America. He's on the Shaman Fight Selection Committee, and is chosen to be Shaman Fight Officiator. He traveled to Japan after being assigned to testing whether or not Yoh Asakura was worthy of participating in the Shaman Fight, and educating Yoh in the manner of using Furiyoku. After some difficulty, Yoh lands a hit on Silva, passing the qualification test.

Since then, Silva watched over Yoh's future bouts with other Shaman. Silva made friends with fellow Shaman Fight Officiation Kalim, who was assigned to Trey. While in Japan, Silva tried to earn money as a street vendor selling traditional Native American crafts.

Silva has five familiars that protect him: Silver Shield (Turtle), Silver Horn (Bison), Silver Rod (Snake), Silver Tail (Coyote), and Silver Wing (Eagle). Though most of them seem rude, they are luminous totem spirits that were refined for over 500 years. The five can either form armor for Silva or combine to form a totem-style cannon he uses in the Totemic Soul Blast attack.

Silva is descended from the Patch Hao, who was killed by Yohken Asakura and the cat Matamune. And apparently in the manga, Silva was told by their chief Goldva (or Goldoba) to become Ren's mentor after Ren killed his best friend Chrom.

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