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Character Profile: Horo-Horo

USA Info
Japanese Info
Horo-Horo Horokeu Usui
Trey Racer Horo-Horo(ホロ ホロ)
Human Human
Male Male
14 years old(born November 27, 1985) 14 years old(born November 27, 1985)
Light blue Light blue
Brown Brown
About 5'7" About 170 cm
142 lbs 64.4 kg
Type O Type O
Pro snowboarder, Shaman Pro snowboarder, Shaman
"Bring it dude!" "People who leave leftovers go to hell."
Michael Sinterniklaas Yuuji Ueda(祐司 上田)
Shaman King Shaman King

Character Description: Horo-Horo

Horo-Horo is a pro snowboarder and also a shaman. He wants to win the Shaman tournament to help the race of the Minutians (Koropokkur in the Japanese version) by planting a whole field of coltsfoot plants in the Northern Woods (Hokkaido in the Japanese version).

He has a sister named Pirika who drives him to the limit while training him to win the tournament. His spirit is Kororo, a Minutian, and he is capable of using the Oversoul technique, merging Kororo into his snowboard.

In the Japanese version, Horo-Horo states that he's from Hokkaido. In the English version, I believe, he only specifies that he's from the Northern Woods. Also, in the Japanese version, Horo-horo is his nickname, while in the English version it is his real name.

Character Description: Horo-Horo

Yoh and Morty find Trey just before the Shaman King contest. They take him in off the road.

When the Shaman contest begins, Yoh and Trey are paired up against each other. Trey's sister, Pilika, finds him before the battle in Yoh's house and thinks that Yoh, Anna and Morty might try poisoning Trey, so she makes him leave and they go live in a forest nearby.

Trey and Pilika come from a forest with creatures that are dying out very fast. Trey and his sister are trying to win the Shaman Tournament in order to save the creatures. Trey's special ability is ice and snow.

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