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Character Profile: Amelia Wil Tesla Sailune

USA Info
Japanese Info
Amelia Wil Tesla Sailune Ameria Amelia Wil Tesla Sailune (The Slayers)
Human Human
Female Female
14 years old(acts like 4) 14 years old(acts like 4)
Black Black
Blue Blue
4'10" 147 cm
About 40.8kg(about 90 lbs) About 40.8kg(about 40.8 kg)
Princess, novice mage Princess, novice mage
"Would you by any chance be a Pet Shop Owner?"  
Joani Baker(Central Park Media dub), Veronica Taylor(Central Park Media/FUNimation dub), Luci Christian(ADV dub)  
The Slayers The Slayers
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Slayers: Premium Slayers: Premium
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Slayers: Revolution Slayers: Revolution
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Slayers: Evolution-R Slayers: Evolution-R

Character Description: Amelia Wil Tesla Sailune

Where ever there's a crime, you'll find Amelia tripping close behind. A helpful little princess that is always either in the way or flat on her face (or in a headlock from Lina). She's as dense as a brick and can never tell who's the bad guy. Her lessons of justice came from her father, the king of Seirune (who Lina mistook for a bandit). Lina, who constantly avoids bringing in her role from the past as a bandit and thief, really hates her, because she is always getting in the way during battles. I think she just doesn't want her to get hurt.

Amelia's greatest wish is to learn Lina's infamous Dragon Slave. Though she constantly bumbles her attempts, she still begins to gain her own reputation as an upstart sorceress. Her specialty is the Visufuranku, and she can readily combine spells with the others. Because her mother was killed with a sword, she has forsworn the use of a blade and relies exclusively on her magic.

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