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Anime Profile: The Slayers: Evolution-R

USA Info
Japanese Info
The Slayers: Evolution-R The Slayers: Evolution-R The Slayers: Evolution-R
13 TV episodes 13 TV episodes
September 21, 2010 January 12, 2009–April 6, 2009
  Hajami Kanzaka(神坂 一), Rui Araizumi(あらいずみ るい)
  Takashi Watanabe(渡部 高志)
Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
The Slayers The Slayers
· · ·
Slayers: The Motion Picture Slayers: The Motion Picture
· · ·
Slayers: The Book of Spells Slayers: The Book of Spells
· · ·
Slayers: Premium Slayers: Premium
· · ·
Slayers: Revolution Slayers: Revolution
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Anime Characters: The Slayers: Evolution-R

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Amelia Wit Tesla Saillune Amelia Wit Tesla Saillune Dugld Dugld
Gourry Gabriev Gourry Gabriev Kuppi Kuppi
Lina Inverse Lina Inverse Ozzel Ozzel
Nama/Naga the Serpent Nama/Naga the Serpent Podoka Podoka
Rezo the Red Prirest Rezo the Red Prirest Uppi Uppi
Xelloss Xelloss Yappi Yappi
Zelgadis Grayworlds Zelgadis Grayworlds    

Anime Description: The Slayers: Evolution-R

While STILL looking for a replacement for Gourry's Sword of Light, Lina Inverse and company find themselves helping their new traveling partner, Podoka (from Slayers Revolution), free his home country of Taforashia. To do this, they must first find the Hellmaster Jar.

One problem, though... that jar also holds the soul of their old enemy, the blind sorcerer Rezo the Red Priest! Even the moody Zelgadis, who hopes the jar might be the key to restoring him as a human, is willing to find it, but another enemy is looking to settle the score with Lina... not to mention having to contend with that annoying Xelloss again!

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