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Naga WhitesnakeNaga WhitesnakeNaga Whitesnake (Slayers: The Motion Picture)
Naga the Serpent
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White Serpent
20 years20 years
6'3"191 cm
Kelly ManisonMaria Kawamura
Slayers: The Motion Picture
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Slayers: The Book of Spells
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Slayers: PremiumSlayers: Premium
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Slayers: Evolution-RSlayers: Evolution-R

Character Description: Naga Whitesnake

There are many things about Naga the Serpent that we already know... and some that are suspected. So let's just start with what we know...

Naga was often found hanging around Lina Inverse during Lina's earlier adventures, but the two had later parted company under unknown circumstances. During the time that they were together, whenever Naga was around, she was either working together with Lina or against her, all the while irritating the red-headed sorceress to no end.

The main thing that bugged Lina... actually, there were a LOT of things, but the biggest thing was that Naga was constantly bragging about her abundant womanly features... and pointing out Lina's lack of the same. Another thing that bothered Lina was Naga's laugh... a raucous, annoying, horrible laugh that was known to cause whole towns to evacuate just to get away from the sound of it. However, Naga is rather proud of her laugh, and would often take issue with other laughs that were not like hers.

Although Naga was just as talented at magic as Lina was, it was complicated by the fact that Naga was very arrogant and didn't have as much horse sense as Lina. She would at times bungle the simplest of spells, which usually ended up with catastrophic results... usually by wrecking a town. And even when she did, or she took up the wrong side, Naga would never admit to making a mistake, instead chalking it up to her "brilliant" planning or that "she saw through their transparent plans all along."

Naga, like Lina herself, would also be found in taverns and inns gorging down fantastic amounts of food, and sometimes even stealing food off Lina's plate... with Lina watching. She was also found of drinking and would also be found guzzling down quarts of wine and ale.

Naga also has an aversion to the sight of blood. She has been known to faint even if someone was slightly cut and the faintest hint was drawn.

However, not everything about Naga is bad. In fact, she does possess moments of brilliance. For one, Naga is a big fan of hot springs, and during her and Lina's adventure on Mipross Island, it was her expertise in hot springs that revealed that a particular hot spring resort, the tickets to there she and Lina had 'liberated' from brigands, was using bogus water, to which the owner later confessed that he was using the profits thereof to finance his criminal empire.

Now for what is suspected of Naga...

It is rumored that Naga is really Gracia Ul Naga Saillune, the daughter of Prince Philionel El Di Saillune, and the oldest sister to Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune, who later became a traveling partner of Lina. It seemed that Gracia's mother was killed in a bloody assassination, (if Gracia is Naga, it would explain her aversion to blood) for which Gracia had killed the assassin. Gracia disappeared after her mother's funeral, taking with her a secret possession of her mother's... the revealing leather bikini that Naga currently wears.

Character Description: Naga Whitesnake

Naga is the bain of Lina Inverse. Lina would toast her like a marshmallow if not for them being friends. She appears in Slayers: The Motion Picture while Lina battles Joyruk, and in Slayers: DragonSlave, so not much is revealed about her past. She could be considered Lina's 'sidekick,' but dont let her catch you saying that.

Her magic revolves around spells of cold and ice, and is always using them to help Lina. Her laugh has been known to cause a whole village dissert their belongings and homes just to escape from the horrible sound.

The rumors abound that Naga Whitesnake is really Gracia Sailune (the first daughter of the Sailune family and older sister of Amelia), who disappeared suddenly after the assassination of the queen.

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