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Filia Ul CoptFilia Ul CoptFilia Ul Copt (The Slayers TRY)
Ryuzoku (dragon; can assume a human form)Ryuzoku (dragon; can assume a human form)
About 500 years (adolescent in dragon terms)About 500 years (adolescent in dragon terms)
Blonde (in human form)Blonde (in human form)
5'7" (in human form)171 cm (in human form)
Dragon Priestess
Tara JayneHouko Kuwashima
The Slayers TRYThe Slayers TRY

Character Description: Filia Ul Copt

A young priestess on a mission, she was sent out to prevent the resurrection of an evil force called Dark Star. To do that, she needed to form a team of powerful warriors. She had originally hoped to gain the services of Luna Inverse, but Luna turned it down (claiming prior commitments), instead referring Filia to her little sister, Lina. Thus, Filia enter's Lina's world...and gets more than she bargained for.

Filia hails from the "outside world", the lands beyond where Lina and company live. She's also lived a sheltered life under the watch of the Ryuzoku or dragon race. In other words, Filia's rather unused to life in the real world and events as they really happened. Still, she's pretty stubborn once she puts her mind to something, and she has her beliefs (beliefs that probably need a good shaking up). That's one of the reasons she was shocked when she ran into Lina's ragtag bunch...which happens to include a certain Mazoku named Xelloss. It's not just because he's Mazoku, the much-hated enemy of the Ryuzoku, but it's Xelloss, the same Mazoku who supposedly wiped out most of the Ryuzoku! Little wonder Filia keeps calling Xelloss "raw garbage" ["namagomi"].

Filia's natural form is that of a dragon. She's an adolescent and still needs some time to achieve adult form, but she's already come pretty far as a dragon, able to fly and attack with a very focused dragon breath. Filia is, however, also a skilled user of Dragon Magic. Among her repertoire of spells is one that allows her to assume a human form, which we normally see. Though a relatively simple spell, it takes a focused mind to maintain the form. You lose focus, and you start losing your form, and usually the first thing to reappear is her tail. Though she normally doesn't make rash assumptions (except for the Mazoku), it doesn't take much to get her mad, try though she might. Xelloss is a particular source of ire for her: so much so she flares off when he so much as smiles at her. And when Filia's mad, she gets violent. In her human form, she wields a heavy spiked-club mace, and it tends to get used quite a bit.

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