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Anime Profile: Speed Racer

USA Info
Japanese Info
Speed Racer Mach Go Go Go(マッハ GoGoGo) Speed Racer
53 TV episodes 53 TV episodes
September 23, 1967 April 2, 1967–March 31, 1968
Trans Lux Television Corp., Speed Racer Enterprises, Family Home Ent. Tatsunoko, Fuji TV
  Tatsuo Yoshida
Peter Fernandez Tatsuo Yoshida
Adventure, Sports Adventure, Sports
The New Adventures of Speed Racer  
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Speed Racer X Mach Go Go Go '97(1997 Remake)
· · ·
Speed Racer(live-action movie) Speed Racer(live-action movie)
Rex Racer/Racer X Kenichi Mifune
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Speed Racer Go Mifune
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Anime Characters: Speed Racer

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Rex Racer/Racer X Kenichi Mifune Mr. Banks --?--
Speed Racer Go Mifune Mr. Black and Mr. Green --?--
Trixie Michi Shimura Mr. Blagget --?--
Ace Deucey --?-- Mr. Cumulus --?--
Ali Ben Schemer --?-- Mr. Dante Ferno --?--
Bangler --?-- Mr. Fast Bucks --?--
Baron von Vondervon --?-- Mr. Fixer --?--
Ben Cranem --?-- Mr. Free Load --?--
Biyehar --?-- Mr. Stencher --?--
Calcia Bone / Cleopatra --?-- Mr. Trotter --?--
Chim Chim Senpei Mr. Twert --?--
Cornpone Brotch --?-- Mr. Tycootus --?--
Cracker --?-- Mr. van Ruffle --?--
Curly Cranem --?-- Mr. Wiley --?--
Delicia Lamster --?-- Omar --?--
Dr. Digger O. Bone --?-- Omar Offendem --?--
Dr. McFife --?-- Oriena Flux --?--
Dr. Nightcall --?-- Piston Powers --?--
Duggery --?-- Pops Daiskee Mifune
eneral Smasher --?-- President Crackbrow --?--
Finger --?-- President Montebank --?--
Fireball Rust --?-- President of Vavoom Motor Co. --?--
Flash Marker, Jr. --?-- Prince Jam --?--
Flash Marker, Sr. --?-- Prince Omar Flathill --?--
Francisco Fransco --?-- Prince Snowier --?--
Gaff Gunstle --?-- Prince Sugarin --?--
General Abdur Noble --?-- Princess Gracious --?--
General Cardonce --?-- Prof. Robert Carnivoray --?--
God of Goomachuck --?-- Professor Loon --?--
Guts Wheeler --?-- Professor Tower --?--
High Octane --?-- Red Herring --?--
Inspector Anton Dubious --?-- Rock Force --?--
Inspector Detector --?-- Rudolph Elegantor --?--
Ivonna von Vondervon --?-- Rusty Muffle --?--
Jack Rival --?-- Schlepper --?--
Janine Trotter --?-- Scootem Rooter --?--
Jim Charger --?-- Sirvana --?--
Jose --?-- Skid Chill --?--
Juan --?-- Snake Oiler --?--
Kabala --?-- Sooten Grime --?--
Kadar --?-- Sparks Sabu
Kim Jugger --?-- Splint Femur --?--
King of Saccharin --?-- Spridle Kuo Mifune
Knuckles --?-- Street Martin --?--
Lawson Lamster --?-- Ta-Conkin --?--
Lightfingers Klepto, Jr. --?-- Tailgate Crumple --?--
Lightfingers Klepto, Sr. --?-- Tailgate Jones --?--
Lily Marker --?-- The Chief --?--
Lolly --?-- Tiny --?--
Loomis Towcar --?-- Tongue Blaggard --?--
Lorena Nightcall --?-- Twinkle Banks --?--
Maria --?-- Vice-President Duper --?--
Mom Racer Aya Mifune Zoomer Slick --?--

Anime Description: Speed Racer

Speed Racer was titled "Mach Go Go" in Japan. It was produced and created by Tatsuo Yoshida and released worldwide in 1967–1968 through Trans Lux who was also responsible for Gigantor. It was first shown on Melbourne TV in December 1969 on channel 2 at 5:05pm weekdays. A total of 52 episodes were made. Peter Fernandez (other work includes The Space Giants, Ultraman, and Star Blazers [Space Battleship Yamoto] as well as most of the Godzilla films) coordinated the English version and was the voice of Speed Racer and Racer X as well as Piper and Dr. Mariner from Marine Boy and a number of other characters. Corinne Orr (female) was the voice of Trixie, Mom Racer and Spritle after her success as the voice of Marine Boy. Jack Curtis was Pops Racer and Inspector Detector, after playing Bulton in Marine Boy. Jack Grimes was the voice of Sparky and Chim-Chim as well as Professor Fumble and Splasher in Marine Boy. The worldwide rights to the series are held by the Rocknowski family of Santa Monica, CA in the US (production info from Andy Shepherd)

Speed Racer was the story of Speed, an 18 year old racing driver and his adventures on and off the track. On his helmet was printed M, originally standing for "Go Mifune" his original Japanese name. His girlfriend was Trixie, his younger brother Spritle, and Spritle's pet monkey was named Chim Chim. Speed's mechanic and best friend was Sparky. Speed's older brother was Rex, who also played Racer X- a masked racer with even Speed not knowing his real identity, and was an undercover agent. He had left home years ago and none of his family had seen him since.

Speed's car was known as the Mach 5. It was designed and built by his father "Pops" and was equipped with incredible features, operated by 7 buttons on the steering wheel.

  • A - jet propulsion and car elevation
  • B - special tyres for rough terrain
  • C - sawblades at the front of the car for cutting through anything in his way
  • D - bullet proof windshield
  • E - super bright headlights
  • F - for driving underwater, equipped with an oxygen supply and periscope
  • G - robot bird released as a messenger pigeon

Carloco (Stallone and Shwartzenegger) purchased the rights to do a live action Speed Racer. They paid $10 million for the rights. The script was finished and even hired a casting agency and cast the parts. After the failure of Cliffhanger and Last Action hero, nothing became of it and so their licenses have expired. Too bad. I would have enjoyed it (from Dave Stenberg).

A new series titled "New series of Speed Racer" was produced by Fred Wolf films from Teenage Mutant Turtle fame and released in 1993, but was not as popular as the original, for a few reasons. The animation was done by American cartoonists, losing that great Manga effect; the storyline and animation seems only to appeal to small children and not to adults as the original one did. The artwork is nowhere near as good and the theme song was changed. The only things remaining are the original names. A big disappointment!

Now a live-action film is in production, starring Emile Hirsch, Matthew Fox, Christina Ricci, John Goodman and Susan Sarandon. Learn more at www.speedracerthemovie.com.

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