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Character Profile: Racer X

USA Info
Japanese Info
Rex Racer Kenichi Mifune Racer X (Speed Racer)
Racer X  
· · ·
The Masked Racer  
Human Human
Male Male
About 24-29 years About 24-29 years
Dark Brown Dark Brown
6'4" 163 cm
Secret agent Secret agent
Speed Racer Mach Go Go Go

Character Description: Racer X

Rex Racer aka Racer X is a tall, strong, fast guy in his mid to late 20's. Rex left home after an argument with his father (Pops Racer) about wanting to be a race car driver, and left home to persue his dreams (despite his fathers wishes). In the series, Rex is also employed as a secret agent who fights all sorts of international spys and criminals and uses racing as a cover. We see that this also gives Rex the opportunity to keep an eye on his brother Speed Racer. Due to his secret identity as a spy, Rex is unable to reveal his true identity to Speed which creates a conflict between them. However this does not prevent Rex from keeping a watchful eye on Speed.

Racer X is a mysterious character with many secrets, and there are many rumors surrounding him. The Masked Racer shows up at the most unexpected and opportune moments to save or alter events in a race. The only time we ever get to see is face is when Pops recalls the whole story to Speed. We are inspired by his courage, his caring for his family, and his fight against crime. Racer X is one of the heroic characters you will find as you enjoy the Adventures of Speed Racer.

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