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Special ASpecial A (スペシャル・エー)Special A
· · ·
April 6, 2008 - present
Gonzo x AIC
Maki Minami
Miyao Yoshikazu
Comedy, Drama, RomanceComedy, Drama, Romance
Hikari HanazonoHikari Hanazono
· · ·
Kei TakishimaKei Takishima
· · ·
Akira Toudou ⊕ Akira Toudou ⊕
· · ·
Jun Yamamoto ⊕ Jun Yamamoto ⊕
· · ·
Megumi Yamamoto ⊕ Megumi Yamamoto ⊕

Last I checked, this anime seemed to be unavailable, but the manga could be found at Amazon.

Description: Special A

Special A is a story that primarily focuses on Hikari Hanazono and her attempt to beat her childhood rival, Kei Takishima.

It all started when Hikari was six years old. Her dad taught her how to fight, and she thought that she was undefeatable. But when she challenged Kei to a fight, he beat her and practically humiliated her. Since then, she swore that she would beat him no matter what.

She enrolled in the Private Hakusen Academy with him. It's an elite, rich school that separates classes by grades. The top students in each class is in the A class, and the top seven students in the A class are in the Special A (SA) class. Hikari, Kei, and their five other friends have been in SA since they were younger, although Kei is always ranked 1 and Hikari is always ranked 2.

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