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Super Sonic SpinnersSuper Sonic SpinnersSuper Sonic Spinners
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Super Yo-yoSuper Yo-yo
Oct. 4, 2003
Smarty Toys
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Characters: Super Sonic Spinners

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Benkei Musashimaru Benkei Musashimaru Beso βŠ• Beso βŠ•
Chuta Kogure Chuta Kogure Chuji Kogure βŠ• Chuji Kogure βŠ•
Seito Hojoin Seito Hojoin Kenichi Nakamura βŠ• Kenichi Nakamura βŠ•
Shunichi Domoto Shunichi Domoto Mai Kirisaki βŠ• Mai Kirisaki βŠ•
Alex Garcia βŠ• Alex Garcia βŠ• Rian (Liane) Yumemiya βŠ• Rian (Liane) Yumemiya βŠ•
Ando Jienma βŠ• Ando Jienma βŠ• Tsuyoshi Wappa βŠ• Tsuyoshi Wappa βŠ•

Description: Super Sonic Spinners

Shunichi Domoto is an athletic fifth-grader. One day, one of Shunichi's school pals gets his yo-yo taken away by a bully. Shunichi had never even played with a yo-yo before, but he practices some moves, challenges the bully to a match, and wins back his friend's yo-yo. Shunichi sees the technique of Seito Hojoin, a master spinner, and is hooked.

Shunichi practices hard, but loses miserably in his match against Seito. Shunichi learns that Seito will be entering the yo-yo championships the following Sunday, so Shunichi signs up, hoping to beat his new rival. Supported by his friends, Shunichi practices day and night in preparation for the championships.

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