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Anime Profile: Tales of Symphonia

USA Info
Japanese Info
Tales of Symphonia Tales of Symphonia(テイルズ・オブ・シンフォニア) Tales of Symphonia
4 OVA episodes(planned) 4 OVA episodes(planned)
  Namco(game); Production IG(anime)
  Kosuke Fujishima(art direction), Haruo Tonosaki(anime)
Adventure, Fantasy Adventure, Fantasy
Colette Brunel Colette Brunel
· · ·
Genis Sage Genis Sage
· · ·
Kratos Aurion Kratos Aurion
· · ·
Lloyd Irving Lloyd Irving
· · ·
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Last I checked, this anime seemed to be unavailable, but you could check again at the online stores to be sure.

Anime Characters: Tales of Symphonia

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Colette Brunel Colette Brunel Martel Martel
Genis Sage Genis Sage Mithos Yggdrasil Mithos Yggdrasil
Kratos Aurion Kratos Aurion Presea Combatir Presea Combatir
Lloyd Irving Lloyd Irving Pronyma Pronyma
Raine Sage Refill Sage Regal Bryant Regal Bryan
Sheena Fujibayashi Shihna Fujibayashi Remiel Remieru
Forcystus Forcystus Rodyle Rodyle
Kvar Kvar Yuan Yuan
Magnius Magnius Zelos Wilder Zelos Wilder

Anime Description: Tales of Symphonia

This series is based on videogame of the same name, though in the videogame there are anime-style clips and designs.

Two worlds- Sylvarant and Tethe'alla- lie parallel to each other. Each steal mana, or life force, from each other. However, while one world thrives, the other suffers. So each world has its own Chosen. Whenever one of the worlds is declining, the Chosen will begin the Journey of Regeneration and break the seals of their world and the mana will be restored.

Lloyd Irving is a friend of Colette Brunel, the Chosen of Regeneration, and Genis Sage, an "elf" whose older sister, Raine, is the teacher of their village school. For along time, Lloyd, and the people of Sylvarant didn't even know the existence of Tethe'alla and thought that the "real enemy" of the Chosen was an organization made entirely of half-elves called "Desians".

But soon, Lloyd and his friends find out about Tethe'alla during the Journey of Regeneration, and then travel there to find a way to reunite the two worlds and stop the "real enemies"- Cruxis.

Anime Description: Tales of Symphonia

The land of Sylvarant is slowly dying because of the severe mana shortage in the world. And so, The Goddess Martel, blessed the Chosen One, to save Sylvarant from this crisis.

Colette Brunel is the Chosen One is to save her world from peril. She is accompanied by her best friend, Lloyd, her teacher, Raine, as well as her younger brother, Genis, and the mysterious mercenary, Kratos.

It is now up to Lloyd, Colette, and all his friends to save their beloved world of Sylvarant.

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