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Character Profile: Genis Sage

USA Info
Japanese Info
Genis Sage Genius Sage Genis Sage (Tales of Symphonia)
Half Elf Half Elf
Male Male
12 years old 12 years old
Bluish-white Bluish-white
Blue Blue
4'8" 142 cm
63 lbs 28.6 kg
Child prodigy; spell caster; Raine's brother Child prodigy; spell caster; Raine's brother
Colleen O'Shaughnessey Orikasa Ai
OVA episode 1 OVA episode 1
Tales of Symphonia Tales of Symphonia

Character Description: Genis Sage

Genis is a child prodigy from Iselia, and Lloyd's best friend. He lives with his sister, Raine, who is also a half-elf, therefore, often abused. He is a powerful spellcaster, and uses a kendama to focus his power. He is an excellent cook, unlike Raine, who's cooking would make anyone sick.

Genis is quick to make friends, and is very trusting. He is also a reliable friend who would follow Lloyd to the ends of the world (and to another world) to help him protect Colette from harm.

Character Description: Genis Sage

The half-elf Genis is the younger brother of the professor of Iselia's school, Raine. As one would expect from such a character (and from his Japanese name 'Genius'), Genis is highly intelligent for his age. This causes him to be prideful at moments, putting down on people who are less intelligent... or weaker at magic, which he has a talent for, particularly fire magic.

However, despite this, he has a kind heart, and cares about those that he is close to, and is sometimes dependable on them when his lack of musuclar strength puts him down. Genis is the best friend of his complete opposite, Llyod Irving, and travels with him in hopes of helping the Chosen of Regeneration, Colette Brunnel, to save their world of Sylvarant.

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