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Cartoon Profile: Trigon the Terrible

USA Info
Trigon the TerribleTrigon the Terrible (Teen Titans)Trigon the Terrible (Teen Titans)
The Incarnation of Evil
· · ·
The Source of All Darkness
· · ·
Four Eyes (by Cyborg)
Interdimensional Demon
Red (Yellow in "Nevermore)
Very big
Raven's Father
"The Earth is mine!"
Kevin Michael Richardson
Episode 32: Birthmark (his voice)
Teen Titans

Cartoon Description: Trigon the Terrible

Trigon is the evil demonic father of Raven and main villain of season four. He sired Raven to be his "gem" through which he can enter, destroy, and rule our world. In the episode "Birthmark," Trigon brought Slade back from the dead (with a mark on his forehead and the ability to use fire and flight) on Raven's birthday to delivery a message to her that she will destroy the world by bringing Trigon into our world.

In the episode "The Prophecy," the Titans learn that the mark on Slade's head is the Mark of Scath. Slade had lured the Titans to an abandoned library filled with ancient evil spirits who told them the prophecy. The prophecy was as follows:

The Gem was born of evil's fire. The Gem shall be his portal. He comes to claim, he comes to sire, the end of all things mortal.

After getting to the heart of the library, the Titans are captured by Slade. Meanwhile, Raven was in Azarath talking to her mother, Arella, about her destiny. Raven didn't want to help Trigon so she was hoping Arella might help her. Arella said to her daughter "It was too late for Earth, just as it was too late for Azarath." After saying this, Raven discovered to her horror that Azarath was completely destroyed by Trigon. Raven headed back to Earth.

Slade was about to finish the Titans when he was stopped by Raven, who was glowing with strange markings on her body and the Mark of Scath on her forehead. Raven told him that his master would want to keep his "precious gem" safe, making Robin realize that Raven is the gem. Raven then started to thrash Slade around until he pointed to Raven's worried friends. Back at the Tower, Raven told them that Scath was used by a cult to protect the identity of their master. She told them the name was Trigon. Beast Boy asked Raven why she was glowing and she told them that it's a warning that Trigon was coming and the way he gets through is her because she is not just a person, she is a portal. Robin asked why to which she replies, "Because, Trigon, is my father."

In the episode "The End," the time for Trigon to enter our world was drawing near, so he sent Slade and an army of fire demons to attack Titans Tower. Meanwhile Raven was locked in a safe room to keep her out of Trigon's hands. However, Trigon entered her mind to convince her to fulfill her destiny. Raven asked him not to hurt her friends, but he said that she was hurting them because they were being hurt by Slade and the fire demons. Raven decided to fulfill her destiny and knocked out her friends and told them to be safe. Meanwhile Slade asked Trigon to grant him what he wanted but Trigon refused. Slade attacked Trigon's eyes (the only part he could teleport out of his fiery prison until Raven freed him). Slade's attack was in vain and he lost his powers but survived because of a Ring of Azar, which he would later give to the Titans. Meanwhile, Raven was getting ready to summon Trigon when the other Titans showed up to stop her. Raven used her powers to block their way and summoned Trigon (and was thought to have died in the process).

In "The End Part Two," Trigon had destroyed the Earth and used the remains of the tower as his throne. Almost every person that was on Earth had been petrified with a look of terror and fear on their faces. However, the Titans were spared of this fate and realized that Raven had given them some of her powers to fight Trigon. Even with Raven's powers, the Titans were no match for Trigon and were sent to the old library where they encountered Slade who offered a truce. Slade told the Titans that Raven could be saved and Robin went with Slade to save her while the other Titans distracted Trigon since Trigon was all-seeing. Since the Titans had the Ring of Azar, Trigon (who was gathering strength since going through the portal Raven made took away a lot of energy from him) was unable to harm them. So Trigon decided to create evil clones out of the Titans personal demons. Meanwhile, Robin found out that Slade was undead and was working with Trigon to regain full life. Robin parted ways with Slade to look for Raven while Slade sought Trigon's soul chamber. Robin managed to find Raven in a child-like form.

In "The End Part Three," Robin took Raven to the surface. Slade found that the soul chamber was guarded by an armored demon. After Slade defeated the demon, Slade regained his full life. The Titans eventually managed to beat the clones by switching clones. Beast Boy beat Starfire's clone, Starfire beat Cyborg's clone, and Cyborg beat Beast Boy's clone. After beating them, the Titans were reunited with Robin and Raven. The Titans then worked together to fight Trigon but were taken down. Trigon was about to finish them when Slade appeared with the guard demon's weapon and sliced off Trigon's antler. That injury saved the Titans and managed to wear Trigon down. Trigon eventually managed to beat down everyone and proceeded to kill his daughter. Raven managed to use some of her remaining power to produce a shield to save herself. Trigon then told her how she could never hope to stop an all-power father. Raven got mad and regained her original form and started blasting him as she said:

You may have created me! But you were never my father! Fathers are kind! Fathers protect you! Fathers raise you! I was protected by the monks of Azarath. I was raised by my friends. They are my family! This is my home! And you are not welcomed here.

The Titans then gave Raven back the power she gave them and Raven said her magic words and made a white raven bigger than Trigon out of her energy and destroyed Trigon. Destroying Trigon also reversed the destruction he caused and it was like he was never summoned.

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