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Japanese Info
Doctor ClayDoctor KureiDoctor Clay (Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki)
Doctor (to Zero)Taka
Over 20,000 years oldOver 20,000 years old
Black (left eye artificial)Black (left eye artificial)
250 lbs250 lbs
Renegade scientistRenegade scientist
"Anyone as easily fooled as he must be a blockhead. Oh pardon me."
Wess MannSeizou Katch
Episode 11: "The Advent of the Goddess" (OVA)Episode 11: "The Advent of the Goddess" (OVA)
Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-OhkiTenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki

Character Description: Doctor Clay

Doctor Clay was originally a student and professor at the Royal Science Academy and a rival of Washu. Both of them had sought out the directorship of the Academy but Washu had won out and Clay had to settle for the Graduate School. As a result, Clay suffered an inferiority complex and soon afterward became irrationally convinced that Washu was responsible for him being driven out of the Academy. (In truth, he left on his own accord.)

For most of 20,000 years, Clay had wandered the galaxy, often working on various criminal activities and dreaming of one day ruling an entire galaxy. One of these crimes was stealing the Shonga, the Galaxy Police's newest battleship and incorporating it into his own vessel.

One day, he found out that his main patron, Tokimi, was interested in finding Washu. Hoping to gain revenge on his rival, Clay pleaded with Tokimi to capture Washu himself. Tokimi agreed with the promise of his dream. Soon afterward, he and his android servant Zero headed to Earth, where Washu was at the time.

The first part of his plan was to have Zero kidnap Ryoko and take her place. But almost immediately, the plan went sideways, mainly because in the process of duplicating Ryoko's memories, the space pirate's tender memories of Tenchi were brought to the forefront, and as a result Zero was unable to complete it's mission. Frustrated by this failure, Clay ordered Zero to kill Tenchi. But when this failed, it brought about Washu's attention and the two finally confronted each other.

During this confrontation, Clay railed his frustrations of his failures at Washu, who in turn pointed out his failings were caused by his own insecurities. Clay then imprisoned Washu in a transparent globe and hoped to find out why Tokimi was interested in the childlike genius. But when Zero foiled that and Washu got free, Clay then divided his ship and set the stardrive half to imploded. At the time, Tenchi, Ayeka, and Mihoshi were in that section and were trapped. While Washu struggled to avert the implosion, Clay escaped using his private shuttle. Washu couldn't stop the stardrive section's destruction, but Tenchi, using the Lighthawk wings, was able to allow himself, Ayeka, and Mihoshi to escape. Clay had witnessed this and was about to escape back to Tokimi, but was captured by Ryo-Ohki.

Clay is currently incarcerated by the Galaxy Police, with absolutely no memory of Tokimi. That memory was erased by D3, Tokimi's servant.

As a scientist, Clay's genius was second only to Washu, but he would never admit it. He also has a bad habit of marking all of his favorite items with his personal logo, which was the cause of his downfall.

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