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Terra formarsTerraformars (γƒ†γƒ©γƒ•γ‚©γƒΌγƒžγƒΌγ‚Ί)Terra formars
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13 TV Episodes, 2 OVA Episodes13 TV Episodes, 2 OVA Episodes
September 26, 2014 – December 19, 2014
Viz MediaLIDEN FILMS, Animatic, Good Smile Company, MAGES, Project Terraformars, Shueisha, Ultra Super Pictures, Warner Bros.
Yu Sasuga, Kenichi Tachibana
Hiroshi Hamasaki
Action, Horror, Sci-FiAction, Horror, Sci-Fi
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Last I checked, this anime seemed to be unavailable, but the manga could be found at Amazon.

Characters: Terra formars

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Akari Hizamaru βŠ• Akari Hizamaru βŠ• Maria Viren βŠ• Maria Viren βŠ•
Alex Kandley Stewart βŠ• Alex Kandley Stewart βŠ• Michelle K. Davis βŠ• Michelle K. Davis βŠ•
Alexander Gustav Newton βŠ• Alexander Gustav Newton βŠ• Nanao Akita βŠ• Nanao Akita βŠ•
Donatello K. Davis βŠ• Donatello K. Davis βŠ• Shokichi Komachi βŠ• Shokichi Komachi βŠ•
God Lee βŠ• God Lee βŠ• Thien βŠ• Thien βŠ•
Ichiro Hiruma βŠ• Ichiro Hiruma βŠ• Victoria Wood βŠ• Victoria Wood βŠ•
Kou Honda βŠ• Kou Honda βŠ• Wolf Redfield βŠ• Wolf Redfield βŠ•
Marcos Eringrad Garcia βŠ• Marcos Eringrad Garcia βŠ• Zhang Ming-Ming βŠ• Zhang Ming-Ming βŠ•

Description: Terra formars

You think roaches are creepy? You haven't seen anything yet. In the anime Terraformars, humanity is forced to deal with the worst kind. Mutated nightmares capable of tearing your head off. The story begins on Earth when the Mars-born plague known as the AE Virus threatens the survival of humanity. Hoping to trek the disease back to its source in hopes of a vaccine, they plan to travel to Mars... only to have the greatest fight of their lives awaiting them.

The mutated humanoid cockroaches known as Terraformars are plaguing the planet. Capable of fierce strength and even deadlier intelligence, these monsters have wiped out much of the human expeditions. Now the new crew (known as BUGS2) have come prepared to fight them on equal terms with genetic modifications. However, will that be enough to help them survive?

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