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Variable GeoVariable Geo (ヴゑγƒͺをブル・ジγ‚ͺ)Variable Geo
3 OVA episodes3 OVA episodes
May 27, 20031996
ADV FilmsChaos Project/TGL/KSS, Inc
Yousuke Kuroda/TGL
Toru Yoshida
Martial Arts, ActionMartial Arts, Action
Variable Geo NeoVariable Geo Neo
Manami KusonokiManami Kusonoki
· · ·
Ayako Yuuki βŠ• Ayako Yuuki βŠ•
· · ·
Chiho Masuda βŠ• Chiho Masuda βŠ•
· · ·
Elena Goldsmith βŠ• Elena Goldsmith βŠ•
· · ·
Jun Kubota βŠ• Jun Kubota βŠ•
· · ·
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Characters: Variable Geo

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Manami Kusonoki Manami Kusonoki Miranda Jahana βŠ• Miranda Jahana βŠ•
Ayako Yuuki βŠ• Ayako Yuuki βŠ• Reimi Jahana βŠ• Reimi Jahana βŠ•
Chiho Masuda βŠ• Chiho Masuda βŠ• rows:4 βŠ• --?--
Elena Goldsmith βŠ• Elena Goldsmith βŠ• Saki Shindou βŠ• Saki Shindou βŠ•
Jun Kubota βŠ• Jun Kubota βŠ• Satomi Yajima βŠ• Satomi Yajima βŠ•
Kaori Yanase βŠ• Kaori Yanase βŠ• Tamao Mitsurugi βŠ• Tamao Mitsurugi βŠ•
Kyoko Kirishima βŠ• Kyoko Kirishima βŠ• Yuka Takeuchi βŠ• Yuka Takeuchi βŠ•

Description: Variable Geo

What do fast food, good looking waitresses and fighting have in common? Well the Variable Geo Tournament!!!

In the near future, the faltering "Family Restaurant Industry" began to sponsor fighting tournaments featuring members of their own staff in order to boost their patronage... Thus began the sport of Full contact waitressing. As it quickly becomes known as more of a success than even the most optimistic restaurateur had hoped.

But there's more at stake here than prize money and free advertising. The mysterious Jahanna Group, which has marketed the tournaments, has quietly begun to infiltrate the restaurants which feature Full-Contact Waitressing.

To enter the tournaments, one must have a sponsoring restaurant (but those who enter can be their own sponsors if they have a restaurant), a will to fight and be female. If any waitresses were to win the entire sectional tournament (each section ending whenever the fighters felt like it and starting the next spring), she would get ten million dollars and her choice of prime real estate in any city she desires. However, losing can often carry the burden of having to put on an embarrassing performance to the victor's whims or possibly even strip naked in front of the viewing audience.

Because of these embarrassing costs, not all fighter/waitresses desire to enter the tournament and the tournament has come under fire from some strong critics. So, depending on the level of the victory, one might not have to strip, but they will have to do something asinine and embarrassing. Besides, they may not have a viewing audience as some fights quickly get out of hand.

Despite the more-than-blatant assaults on the sport and the high risk of embarrassment, there are still many brave waitresses that enter the tournament in hopes of winning the money. Some out of desperation, some out of desire and others because they're secretly exhibitionists. I think the last one is a low probability, but there are such people out there and they might join the sport just to show off.

Anyway, those who enter the tournaments may battle whenever and whomever they choose, so two tournament fighters would not have to fight were they to meet. Not to mention some don't recognize each other as newbies join every spring and might not fight until later in the season. The Champion of the sectional tournament does not need to battle anyone the next year, save the last remaining warrior who hasn't been eliminated from the tournament.

The tournament fighters are called "VG Warriors" and carry special cards that allow them to call and challenge each other among other things, such as call up specially-made rings and confirmation poles which confirm that she is a VG Warrior and that she is still active in the tournaments.

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