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Manami KusunokiManami KusunokiManami Kusunoki (Variable Geo)
16 years old (born March 3)16 years old (born March 3)
4'8"143 cm
75 lbs34 kg
30-22-31"75-57-79 cm
Type OType O
Waitress at Fujiya restaurantWaitress at Fujiya restaurant
Ohtani Ikue
Variable GeoVariable Geo

Character Description: Manami Kusunoki

Umm...let's just say Manami is SCARY. She's 16 years old, but looks and acts like she's 8. Her hair looks like Sasami's, but don't be fooled, she acts more like Mai from Galaxy Fraulein Yuna than the sweet, gentle Sasami from Tenchi Muyo!

Manami shows up in the second episode of Variable Geo by calling Yuka over the VG line and telling her, "Osaka." Correctly interpreting this rather vague remark as a command for her to head to Osaka, Yuka and the wrestling waitress Jun headed off to Osaka. Although they got there alright, they are unsure of what to do next...until Manami grabs Yuka's breast.

After a perfectly justified freak-out on Yuka's part (where Manami shows just how scary she is by going, "Wow! You've got the nicest pair I've ever felt!") Manami manages to pique Yuka's interest by promising to take her to the VG tournament arena. However, she seems more interested in cleaning out the nearest restaurant instead, and Yuka is foiled in her attempt to get Manami back on track by Jun, who drinks the place dry as Manami eats it out of house and home.

Before Yuka gets annoyed enough to try blasting Manami and Jun with her energy blasts, a group of bunny girls come running up carrying a litter on which rides a blonde foreign girl named Elena, although she insists that Yuka, Jun, and Manami call her Elirin. Elena expresses interest in battling the trio, but informs them that, to prove themselves worthy, they must first fight her bunny minions. The other bunny girls attack with various nasty-looking weapons which break Jun's favorite helmet and nearly cause Jun to have a coronary seizure. However, Manami causes all the bunnies to run for cover with her "Cat Rocket Punch" attack. Of course, Manami being Manami, she forgets to catch her cat glove rocket as it comes back to her, and it ends up smacking her in the face.

Despite Manami's victory over the bunnies, it is Yuka who actually fights and defeats Elena. After Yuka's victory, Manami begins to cheer, "YU~KA! YU~KA! YU~KA!", causing Elena to explode, "YUKA?! I was SUPPOSED to be fighting someone named MANAMI!!"

Go figure.

In the third and last episode of Variable Geo, Manami and Jun team up to fight Chiho, who is being controlled by a Jahanan drug. Jun is unable to get close to Chiho, who kept her at bay with a bombardment of knives, so Manami takes the attack, running at Chiho with her Cat Rocket Punch attack. However, Chiho throws a knife at Manami and impales her through the sash.

However, it was literally just the sash that got impaled. Manami had performed a strange teleportation move and left her dress behind to be impaled. She bounces into a wildly spinning Somersault Attack that misses Chiho completely, but distracts her long enough for Jun to run up and bodyslam Chiho so hard she flies nearly twenty feet. With Chiho defeated, Manami and Jun run into the VG tournament arena to help Yuka.

In conclusion, Manami is childlike, perverted, bratty, and somehow enduringly cute. Her constant obsession with breasts (be they Yuka's, Jun's, or even Elena's bunnygirls' to which she says, "Those are fake!") is extremely disturbing coming from her little-girl face. She moans and complains about everything; the amount of ice cream in her ice cream cone, her feet, and especially Jun--she even complains that Jun's chest isn't big enough (good god, girl, how much bigger do ya want 'em?!). However, she is somehow comical and enduring, and I love her Cat Rocket Punch. To sum her up, Manami is definitely NOT someone I'd like to meet--but in Variable Geo, she's really funny!

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