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Anime Profile: Variable Geo Neo Volume 1 - The Games Begin

USA Info
Japanese Info
Variable Geo Neo Volume 1 - The Games Begin Variable Geo Neo Volume 1 - The Games Begin Variable Geo Neo Volume 1 - The Games Begin
1 OVA episode(1st of 3) 1 OVA episode(1st of 3)
March 25, 2008 Feb 25, 2004
Critical Mass Milky Animation Label
  Ryuuichi Nozaki
Hentai, Martial Arts Hentai, Martial Arts
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Variable Geo Neo II - Fighters Clash Variable Geo Neo II - Fighters Clash
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Variable Geo Neo III - Final Round Variable Geo Neo III - Final Round
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Variable Geo Variable Geo
Anna Fairgold Anna Fairgold
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Ayumi Okamoto Ayumi Okamoto
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Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon and The Right Stuf.

Anime Characters: Variable Geo Neo Volume 1 - The Games Begin

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Anna Fairgold Anna Fairgold Sanari Misumi Sanari Misumi
Ayumi Okamoto Ayumi Okamoto Tama Tama
Diane Rian Diane Rian Yu Asuka Yuu Asuka
Kei Sagara Kei Sagara Zhenzhu-Yu Zhenzhu-Yu
Misty Misty    

Anime Description: Variable Geo Neo Volume 1 - The Games Begin

Determined to pay off her brother's debt, the beautiful and talented Yu Asuka heads off for a tournament called Variable Geo Neo, which dares to pit the sexiest and most talented fighting waitress against one another. The winner is rewarded with glory and money, while the losers hang their heads in shame... and not just because they lost, but because the punishment for losing is to be sexually molested in the ring while the entire crowd cheers it on.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Volume one starts off not on Yu, but on some purple haired girl whose hands are bound by a chain to the ceiling. Three men are in the room with her, all of whom are sporting military-like threads, and they apparently want some information that miss busty purple-haired girl has... though even after a few strikes of a whip, she is unwilling to talk. So her captors try another tactic: pouring some gooey gel substance over her now-tender breasts. Apparently it's some kind of truth serum or something. At any rate, off come her clothes and the fun begins.

The next scene is when we are introduced to Yu Asuka. She's on a train that's leaving for the tournament she spies a girl running beside the train trying to get her attention. This would be Ayumi Akamoto, who is also heading for the tournament. They quickly become friends, and once their off the train they also quickly meet a third contestant in the tournament, a cute Chinese girl named Yung Ching Jyu (but call her Tama-chan!), who literally drops in from above just like you'd expect from a Chinese acrobat in an anime series.

After a quick flashback of Yu talking to some old guy known as the Professor (which indicate that this tournament is more than it seems) and some quick introductions, the battles begin! Yu Asuka is up first, squaring off against her good friend Sanari Misumi. The fight is fast and furious, but also quite short. The one who wins moves on to the next round, while the other gets taken right there in front of the entire crowd... and I don't think it would be much of a spoiler to reveal that our main character, Yu Asuka, is the one proceeding to the next round.

Although the battle may be over, the series continues on with volume two and volume three. I hope they're released soon because I hate to be kept hangin'!

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