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Anime Profile: Variable Geo Neo Volume II - Fighters Clash

USA Info
Japanese Info
Variable Geo Neo Volume II - Fighters ClashVariable Geo Neo Volume II - Fighters ClashVariable Geo Neo Volume II - Fighters Clash
1 OVA episode (2nd of 3)1 OVA episode (2nd of 3)
April 29, 2008Feb 25, 2004
Critical MassMilky Animation Label
Ryuuichi Nozaki
Hentai, Martial ArtsHentai, Martial Arts
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Variable Geo Neo - The Games BeginVariable Geo Neo - The Games Begin
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Variable Geo Neo III - Final RoundVariable Geo Neo III - Final Round
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Variable GeoVariable Geo
Anna Fairgold βŠ• Anna Fairgold βŠ•
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Ayumi Okamoto βŠ• Ayumi Okamoto βŠ•
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Characters: Variable Geo Neo Volume II - Fighters Clash

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Anna Fairgold βŠ• Anna Fairgold βŠ• Sanari Misumi βŠ• Sanari Misumi βŠ•
Ayumi Okamoto βŠ• Ayumi Okamoto βŠ• Tama βŠ• Tama βŠ•
Diane Rian βŠ• Diane Rian βŠ• Yu Asuka βŠ• Yuu Asuka βŠ•
Kei Sagara βŠ• Kei Sagara βŠ• Zhenzhu-Yu βŠ• Zhenzhu-Yu βŠ•
Misty βŠ• Misty βŠ•

Description: Volume II: Fighters Clash

Variable Geo Neo - Volume II: Fighters Clash picks up right where the first volume left off. Yu had won the fight, but that meant her good friend Sanari had lost. Now Yu is lying on her bed, thoughts drifting to what Sanari had gone through after the fight had ended, right there in the ring in front of all those people. Definitely hard thoughts to bear, but the tournament must move on. Round one, second match is Dianne versus Ayumi, American versus Japanese. The battle is over quickly, with Ayumi prevailing. Dianne, knowing what comes next, quickly scoops up Ayumi and tosses her to Tama, instructing her to get Yu out so she doesn't have to witness the event. Being a tough gal, Dianne tries her best to resist, but she is no match for the men in black suits. Tied and bound, we get to see some interesting sex positions in this scene.

The third match of round one is Anna Fairgold versus Kei Sagara. Kei is unsure about the outcome, while Anna seems pretty confident. Once underway, Anna learns there is more to Kei that she first suspected, yet Kei is still no match for Anna's awesome power, and Kei goes down. Before the match began, Kei visited Yu and provided her with a copy of the Dianne versus Ayumi match to help prepare her for the bout against Ayumi. However, after the video of the match is over, something else comes on the screen... it's a message from Kei, warning her of Anna's power. She says that Anna is becoming a monster, but that Yu also has a power deep inside her, a power that can possibly stop Anna.

Variable Geo Neo Volume II - Fighters Clash And while this information may matter later on, right now it holds no meaning for the defeated Kei, as it's time for her penalty. Laying unconscious in the ring, the men in black remove her shirt and lube her chest up with some kind of pink goo. Hands come from every direction to rub, squeeze, and fondle until the goop is spread around. Then the skirt comes flying off, and the last of the pink goo is emptied onto her panties. But fear not, my friends, for another bottle of the slime is close at hand. First, however, her panties must come off, going airborne sailing through the air, leaving her completely bare and giving one lucky audience member a souvenir. Once again, there is no shortage of unusual positions in this sex scene.

Variable Geo Neo Volume II - Fighters Clash Afterward, we start to learn a bit more about what is really going on, but there are some real spoilers contained within that information and I don't want to give any of them away. So lets just move on to round one, match number four, Yung Ching Jyu versus Misty. Yung Ching Jyu takes an early lead, but Misty isn't about to give up so easily, and the battle is over almost before it starts, though it seems the loser will have to wait for the next episode to take her punishment. Only one more exciting episode to go before we get to find out what's really going on behind this tournament, but if it's anything like the first two it will be worth watching. Seems like it's been quite a while since I've seen a hentai series that had a legitimate plot such as this.

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