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Anime Profile: Variable Geo Neo Volume III - Final Round

USA Info
Japanese Info
Variable Geo Neo Volume III - Final RoundVariable Geo Neo Volume III - Final RoundVariable Geo Neo Volume III - Final Round
1 OVA episode (3rd of 3)1 OVA episode (3rd of 3)
April 29, 2008Feb 25, 2004
Critical MassMilky Animation Label
Ryuuichi Nozaki
Hentai, Martial ArtsHentai, Martial Arts
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Variable Geo Neo - The Games BeginVariable Geo Neo - The Games Begin
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Variable Geo Neo II - Fighters ClashVariable Geo Neo II - Fighters Clash
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Variable GeoVariable Geo
Anna Fairgold βŠ• Anna Fairgold βŠ•
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Ayumi Okamoto βŠ• Ayumi Okamoto βŠ•
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Characters: Variable Geo Neo Volume III - Final Round

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Anna Fairgold βŠ• Anna Fairgold βŠ• Sanari Misumi βŠ• Sanari Misumi βŠ•
Ayumi Okamoto βŠ• Ayumi Okamoto βŠ• Tama βŠ• Tama βŠ•
Diane Rian βŠ• Diane Rian βŠ• Yu Asuka βŠ• Yuu Asuka βŠ•
Kei Sagara βŠ• Kei Sagara βŠ• Zhenzhu-Yu βŠ• Zhenzhu-Yu βŠ•
Misty βŠ• Misty βŠ•

Description: Volume III: Final Round

Variable Geo Neo - Volume III: Final Round picks up shortly after the end of the second volume, after a quick recap that is. So what we've learned so far is that Diane Rian is a actually a secret agent named Rita who is trying to uncover illegal activities. She learns that Fairgold's plan is to create the perfect human weapon, and that this Variable Geo tournament is simply to showcase these human weapons for buyers. Yu Asuka and Anna Fairgold were both created by the professor, who is basically a mad scientist. So they're basically like sisters, but they don't know that. Okay, now on with the story!

We come in during the middle of a match... or I should say toward the end of it seeing as how Misty easily defeats Tama-chan by forming some kind of energy ball in her hand. So of course Tama-chan gets punished by being taken right there on stage by a bunch of guys. At first she doesn't mind because she finds the guy hot, but he blindfolds her and when it eventually slips off due to the movement she gets all embarrassed. Kinda odd if you ask me, being okay doing it in front of everyone with a stranger, but becoming embarrassed only because there are multiple guys... but whatever. And of course she ends up loving it.

Variable Geo Neo Volume III - Final Round The next match is between Yu Asuka and Ayumi Okamoto, but while that's going on Sanari, who is locked in her room, pulls the oldest trick in the book and fakes sick to lure the guards in so she can escape. At first the guards do the right thing and call for a doctor, but then they become morons and enter the room. Why would you do that?! What exactly do you plan to do?! C'mon guys, think this though! Anyway, so she busts out and makes it out to the match to see Yu flat on the mat. After a few shouts of encouragement, Yu is good to go. And while Ayumi has some pretty sweet moves, they're no match for Yu's energy blast.

Variable Geo Neo Volume III - Final Round Bad news for Ayumi! Or is it? Just then the lights go dark and Misty swoops in, picks her up, and hauls butt out of the ring, saving Ayumi for her once inevitable fate. Diane Rian also swoops in, but dressed in a tight black body suit instead of her previous uniform, and she pulls Sanari to come with her, and together they barrel through the hallways, with Diane, AKA Rita, really showing off her talents... and even though this is a hentai, I'm shockingly not talking about sex this time. Nope, Rita makes quick work of the guards, dodging their bullets and laying them out cold with some sweet hand-to-hand moves. Then for some reason she decides to throw off her blonde wig, reveal a short silver-haired cut underneath... and before loosing consciousness one of the guards recognizes her as Silvermine.

Variable Geo Neo Volume III - Final Round Meanwhile, we find Misty dropping off Ayumi in Tama's room, and asking Tama to take care of the poor girl. And take care of her she does... and this time I am implying sex. Tama caresses Ayumi's face as she lays there unconscious, commenting on how soft it is. And when Ayumi awakes to this, Tama leans in for a kiss and pulls up Ayumi's dress revealing her white cotton panties. Ayumi protests mildly at first, but from here... lets just say it doesn't take that long for both girls so become bare-skinned and enjoying themselves. Luckily, the guards seem to wait until their done before busting in... of course, these girls are master fighters, so the guards don't stand a chance. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), the girls don't have time to get dressed before making their escape.

But the action's not over yet! There's still more fights, more sex, and even an explosion thrown in for good measure! And you can rest assured that the story does indeed come to a satisfactory conclusion, though it is still left open enough such that they can easily do more episode should they choose to continue.

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