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Character Profile: Brilliant Dynamites Neon

USA Info
Japanese Info
Brilliant Dynamites Neon Brilliant Dynamites Neon Brilliant Dynamites Neon (Trigun)
B.D.N. B.D.N.
Human Human
Male Male
Brown Brown
Leader of the Badlands gang Leader of the Badlands gang
"Nothing beats hard-won fame."  
Jack Dallas Unshou Ishizuka
Trigun Trigun

Character Description: Brilliant Dynamites Neon

B.D.N., Brilliant Dynamites Neon, is the leader of the Badlanders, a notorious gang of desert bandits who plunder the sands between the cities of Inepril and May. He enters the story when his gang attempts to hijack the sand steamer Vash, Meryl, and Milly were on in an attempt to raid its huge safe. To help him, he sent a little boy ahead who seemed to know his way around the ship. When he learned, however, that the safe was locked and reinforced, he decides to send the steamer over a cliff and smash the safe like an egg.

Soon, however, he learns that he is not alone. One of his henchman collapses with a note signed "Vash T.S.". The gang eventually corners Vash, but Milly and Meryl reveal themselves and help...in the process revealing Vash's full identity, to the shock of everyone on board, especially B.D.N. He and Vash agree to a good old-fashioned showdown on the deck. Neon is a very flashy guy and likes making an impression on everyone he meets, and he figures that dueling it out with the infamous gunman would mean the highlight of his bandit career.

The duel is inconclusive, though Vash ends up wounded. However, when Vash tries to stop the sand steamer in spite of his injuries, something about Vash and his attitude makes B.D.N. change his mind. He decides to help stop the runaway steamer, perhaps in a gesture of respect for Vash, before disappearing again into the desert.

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