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Zazie the BeastZazie the BeastZazie the Beast (Trigun)
Changes from blue to blue/blackChanges from blue to blue/black
Fourth Gung-Ho GunFourth Gung-Ho Gun
"...and they never brush their teeth unless they're told becuase they don't know any better""...and they never brush their teeth unless they're told becuase they don't know any better"
Episode 22Episode 22

Character Description: Zazie the Beast

Zazie is a little boy who lives with a group of other children outside of a town because all the adults in his town (and the other children's towns) got up and left for no reason. He's actually one of the Gung Ho Guns, and when Vash shows up, Zazie causes trouble.

Zazie controls worms with a sound emitter that's attached to his ear and causes the worms to attack. Vash realizes what's going on, shoots the controller off the boys ear, and confronts him. Zazie then proudly admits to being who he is, proclaims his hatred of children, and proceeds to shoot at Vash. Vash slowly tries to talk him out of it, telling him that the beast hasn't won yet, and before you really know if Vash's words hit home and change Zazie's life, Wolfwood shoots Zazie.

Character Description: Zazie the Beast

Zazie the Beast is a member of the infamous and deadly Gung-Ho Guns. Though he looks like a nomral human boy, he's as deadly as any other in the Gung-Ho Gun. He first appeared in episode 22 of the anime series and used his child-like appearance to trick Vash and the gang into almost certain doom.

He uses a pair of .45 Colt revolvers as his primary weapon; but Zazie's specialty lies in a tiny transmitting device that allowed him to control the chaos caused by the Planet Gunsmoke's resident Sandworms. Unfortunately, Zazie didn't make it far into the series. He is killed at the end of the episode by Wolfwood.

In the manga, Zazie is acually a boy being used as a hive by the very worms he uses in battle. The little boy that is seen is just a tool used by the worms and when he is killed in the manga he shows up again...this time in the body of a girl.

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