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RicardoRicardo (Ultimate Muscle: The Kinnikuman Legacy)
DMp memberDMp member
"I'll do anything to win that crown. ANYTHING!"
Michael Alston Baley
Ultimate Muscle: The Kinnikuman LegacyKinnikuman Nisei

Character Description: Ricardo

Ricardo was given birth by his parents, who were in fact both members of the dMp. Ricardo was turned away from Master Pashango until his parents decided to give him a disguise. Thus, Master Pashango accepted Ricardo's parents' offer to train Ricardo then.

Master Pashango was a great trainer for Ricardo. He trained him to be a member of the Muscle League just like Kid Muscle. Everything went great until Master Pashango made a move that revealed some of Ricardo's true form. Pashango then realized that Ricardo was really pure evil and a member of the dMp, and therefore he must be destroyed! However, Ricardo used his signature move, the Brazilian Nutcracker, on his master, and knocked him out.

Another day, Ricardo learned that the dMp's base was blown to bits and pieces by Sunshine, and he visited the remains of the dMp headquarters.

Ricardo finally heard about the Ikemen Chojin Crown. It was the most fantastic tournament in the history of wrestling, so Ricardo decided to compete in the tournament. Ricardo made it all the way into the finals and proved that he was strong enough to be one of the toughest contestants in the Chojin Crown. He defeated Slyscraper in Round 1 of the finals. However, in his match against Jeager in Round 2 of the finals, the German gen-x-er made a super-strong move on him that revealed his true form just like Master Pashango did; a horrific purple monster with orange eyes and horrific horns in his mouth. It was then that Jeager and everybody who was watching the match realized the horrific truth; Ricardo is pure evil, and suspected of being a member of the dMp. Not long afterwards, Ricardo K.O.'d Jeager with the same move he used on Pashango and Slyscraper; the Brazilian Nutcracker.

In the semi-final match between Ricardo and Kid Muscle, three mysterious men showed up and explained everything about Ricardo really being pure evil, and even explained that they saw his true face while going to get help for Master Pashango. Eventually, Ricardo ended up losing his match against Kid Muscle.

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