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Character Profile: Hanabusa Aido

USA Info
Japanese Info
Hanabusa Aido Hanabusa Aidou(藍堂英) Hanabusa Aido (Vampire Knight)
Idol Idol
Aristocrat Vampire(Level B) Aristocrat Vampire(Level B)
Male Male
Looks about 17-18 years old Looks about 17-18 years old
Blonde Blonde
Blue Blue
5'10" 177 cm
"Whats your blood type?" "Whats your blood type?"
Bryce Papenbrook Jun Fukuyama
Episode 1 Episode 1
Vampire Knight Vampire Knight

Character Description: Hanabusa Aido

Hanabusa Aidou is a member of the Night Class at Cross Academy. He is probably the vampire that gets into the most trouble, as from episode one he already attempts to drink Yuki Cross's blood, although her blood appears to have a strange effect on vampires.

Aidou, though he may seem childish at times, can be extremely serious about things when it's the time to be. But all the rest of the time he is sly and attempts to drink day class girls' blood, although it normally ends with him being either punished by Yuki and Zero or hurt by Kaname. Although when Kaname's not around he goofs off, when he's around Aidou tries to act on his best behavior or else Kaname will slap him.

Character Description: Hanabusa Aido

Nicknamed Idol by the Day Class Girls, Hanabusa Aido is one of the Night Class Students. He has the ability to freeze people, and is known among the Night Class as Kaname's right hand. Aido has a fierce admiration of Kaname.

Aido often appears cheerful and friendly, but sometimes appears cruel and vindictive. Hanabusa Aido dislikes the attention and respect that Kaname gives Yuki. He likes sweets. He is the long awaited first son of the Aido Noble Family. He and Kain Akatsuki are cousins and roommates.

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