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Character Profile: James Howlett

USA Info
Japanese Info
James Howlett Logan James Howlett (Wolverine)
Logan Logan
· · ·
Wolverine Uruvarin(ウルヴァリン)
Mutant Mutant
Male Male
Possibly over 100 years old Possibly over 100 years old
Black Black
Blue Blue
Adventurer Adventurer
Milo Ventimiglia(Wolverine, Iron Man, Blade), Steven Blum(X-Men) Rikiya Koyama(小山 力也)
Wolverine Uravarin
· · ·
X-Men Ekkusu Men
· · ·
Iron Man Aian Man
· · ·
Blade Bureido

Character Description: James Howlett

A native of Canada, Logan (formerly James Howlett), a.k.a. Wolverine, is possibly the most enigmatic person known. Even though a member of the X-Men, Logan is very antisocial, often going out alone on one excursion or another. But also he can be philosophical, almost wise. However, there are various reasons for this behavior... too many for this writing.

Logan's main mutant ability is his healing factor. Any wound that he suffers is almost instantly healed, no matter how severe. This healing ability also affects his aging, slowing it down considerably. This could mean that he could be at least over one hundred years old, but so far, he has revealed little of his past. He also has an immunity to toxins, which includes alcohol. He could appear one minute sloppy drunk, and five minutes later be cold sober. Logan's senses – especially his hearing, sight and smell – are also enhanced. He is capable to discerning the identity of a person or if he is human simply by his smell.

But there is one ability of his that is man-made – his entire skeleton has been plated by unknown means in an alloy named adamantium. This alloy is possibly the hardest material known to man: only the shield wielded by Captain America is harder. His claws, which are made of bone, are also plated with this metal. Using his muscles, he can extend and retract these claws from beneath his skin and use them as weapons, his healing factor concealing the wounds as a result.

Logan has spent a number of years in Japan and as a result is fluent in Nihongo and Kanji. Also has had ongoing feuds with Sabertooth and Omega Red.

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