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Character Profile: Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

USA Info
Japanese Info
Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
Blue-Eyes White Dragon Blue-Eyes White Dragon
Dragon Duel Monster Dragon Duel Monster
Scales Scales
Blue Blue
Duel monster Duel monster
Yu-Gi-Oh! Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

Character Description: Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

This beast is a three-headed variety of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, only with 1500 more Attack points.

Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon has been played 5 times in the anime. His first appearance was during Kaiba's rematch at Duelist Kingdom. He was then seen in the Virtual World when the Big Five trapped Kaiba's mind there. Yugi fused BEUD with Black Luster Soldier to create Dragon Master Knight, a BEUD with a Black Luster Soldier riding its middle head.

BEUD then appears during the second Virtual Arc against Noa. Yugi uses a combination of his cards and Kaiba's to fuse and de-fuse the three dragons, and thus inflicts 9000 points of damage to Noa, enough to win their duel. Then, the dragon appears again in Kaiba's 3rd rematch with Yugi. However, it is again defused into the three separate Blue Eyes White Dragons.

The last seen appearance in the anime was in season 4. Blue Eyes was once again fused with Black Luster Soldier in a failed attempt to defeat the Doma leader Dartz in one turn.

Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon also makes a brief cameo on board the Kaiba Craft III airship in Battle City, as a gumball machine-like roulette machine that chose which duelists would duel. The middle head supported a large glass dome in which numbered balls were bounced around. The left and right heads each led to a tray to hold a ball. Thus, the two duelists whose numbers were chosen would duel.

The Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon can be sacrificed to summon the cybernetic-beast Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon. This monster's attack power is increased by 300 points for each Dragon-type monster in its player's Graveyard, and can negate all Spell, Trap, and Monster Cards that designate it.

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