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Character Profile: Gansley

USA Info
Japanese Info
Gansley   Gansley (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
Human Human
Male Male
60's 60's
White White
Black Black
Member of the Big 5 Member of the Big 5
"I ran a lemonade stand, which I stole from my neighbor."  
Yu-Gi-Oh! Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Monsters

Character Description: Gansley

One of the Kaiba Corp Big 5, Gansley is professional in his work. He and the others tried a full takeover of the company, with help from Pegasus. When the takeover failed, the Big 5 tried to win back Seto's trust by blaming the entire scheme on Pegasus.

When Kaiba tests his new virtual pods, the Big 5 try once again to take over Kaiba Corp, by trapping Seto in his virtual world. Yugi, Joey, and Mokuba went in to find Seto and get out. They finally meet up with the Big 5 at the end of their mission, using the Five-God Dragon as their Deck-Master. The Big 5 lost when Yugi and Kaiba join forces, and trap the Big 5 in virtual reality.

They're found by Noah Kaiba, who offered them a chance to take revenge on Kaiba and return to the real world. Gansley choose Deepsea Warrior as his Deck-Master form to challenge Yugi, but he lost. The others joined forces so they could take on Yugi and Joey, using Tristan's body as a host. After they lost, Noah deleted Gansley and the others for their failure.

Character Description: Gansley

Gansley is a super-nasty, megalomaniacal executive for Kaiba Corporation and a member of the Big Five, with a vendetta against new owner Seto Kaiba. He's really old and snobby, with a ruthless, competitive business drive possibly worse than Seto's. His favorite card is Deep Sea Warrior.

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