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Aster PhoenixEdo PhoenixAster Phoenix (Yu-Gi-Oh! GX)
Ed Phoenix
16 years old (born March 7th)16 years old (born March 7th)
Elite DuelistElite Duelist
"Someone once said luck is different from destiny. A person's destiny is set from birth."
Akira Ishida
Episode 53Episode 53
Yu-Gi-Oh! GXYu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX

Character Description: Aster Phoenix

Aster Phoenix is a child prodigy duelist who has enrolled at Duel Academy during Jaden's second year. He challenges Jaden to a duel almost immediately, and nearly wins using the powerful Archlord Zerato, although Jaden does pull through to win. Afterwards, he discovers that Aster's deck was brand new, constructed out of new booster packs he had just gotten that morning. Jaden declares he can't wait to duel Aster once he brings his real deck.

Dueling Zane Truesdale in the pro leagues, Aster unveils his true deck of Heroes, just like Jaden's. Using his own variation of Jaden's Flame Wingman, Aster's Phoenix Enforcer defeats Zane in his first real defeat. Later, Aster duels Jaden. After Jaden succeeds in destroying Aster's Shining Phoenix Enforcer, Aster reveals his second tribe of heroes: the Destiny Heroes. Aster tells Jaden that his father was once a card designer, until he was killed. Aster tells Jaden his father's legacy was the Destiny Heroes, and it is Aster's destiny to avenge his father. With that in mind, Aster defeats Jaden.

After losing to Jaden in a rematch, Aster discovers his manager Saiou is the head of the Society of Light, a group of cultists that is attempting to destroy the world using a satellite cannon, SORA.

After Saiou's sister tells them that Saiou himself is controlled, Aster believes it to be the influence of an evil Hero card his father had created. He eventually discovers his father's murderer is his legal guardian, and duels him. Aster's guardian then uses the very card Aster was searching for, Blue D.

When dueling DD, DD explains to Aster he killed his father and took Bloo-D to become an elite duelist. Bloo-D, combined with the Spell "D-Force", effectively negates all of Aster's card effects and pushes him into a corner. Eventually Aster draws "Darkangel", a Hero card designed to combat Bloo-D. Aster wins, but his father's soul emerges from Bloo-D, urging him to duel the true villain: DD was merely possessed by "The Light of Ruin", and Aster will find the Light's true avatar in Sartorius

Aster challenges Sartorius with Bloo-D, and Sartorius' good half tries to help Aster by predicting the rotations of his evil side's Arcana cards. However, Evil Sartorius defies his light side and makes the cards stop on their own. Eventually, Aster is defeated by Arcana Force EX - The Light Ruler, the "extra" 23rd Arcana and leader of the series. His haired is dyed white as he is consumed by the Light of Ruin, but Jaden offers Sartorius the final key to the satellite in exchange for Aster. Sartorius agrees, and Aster is saved.

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