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Jaden YukiJuudai Yuuki (十代遊城)Jaden Yuki (Yu-Gi-Oh! GX)
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Judai Yuki (alternate spelling)
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Jay (by Syrus Truesdal)
Slifer Slacker (by Chazz Princeton and Professor Crowler)
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Sarge (by Tyranno)
15 years old (at debut, ages throughout the series) (born February 24) (source: Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Ultimate Guide magazine)15 years old (at debut, ages throughout the series) (born February 24) (source: Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Ultimate Guide magazine)
5'0"152 cm
Duel Academy StudentDuel Academy Student
"Get your game on!"
Matthew CharlesKenn
Yu-Gi-Oh! GXYu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX

Character Description: Jaden Yuki

At first, we see a young teenage boy running down towards Kaiba Corporation, who is late for the Duel Examination, since his train was late (how in the world can Japanese trains be late?). Then, we see Mutou Yuugi walking, and notices this new boy running towards him. Yuki is completely into "running mode" that he doesn't see Yuugi, and therefore, bumps into him, knocking himself down.

Yuugi notices that this boy is a duelist, and Judai says "Yep, I'm just going to an Examination at the duel academy". Yuugi, with a smile on his face, gives Judai a special card (let's say an "updated version" of Kuriboh), "Hane Kurbioh." After he receives the card, Judai thanks Yuugi greatly (it's hard to tell if Judai knew that Mutou was the "legendary duelist.").

Judai appears at the Examination site, where an ugly professor (god, is he ugly!) thinks about disqualifying him. The professor's name is Chronos De Mediz. However, he gets a call from the headmaster, and tells him to duel him, since they're looking for professional duelists.

In the duel, Mediz is very snobbish, trying to make sure that he'll show this "drop-out student" who can duel! In the end, Chronos (the professional duelist of the academy) suffers a humiliating defeat. Everybody is shocked! This "drop-out student" actually beat the professor?! On a balcony, a girl named Asuka Tenjyoin, thinks that "This boy is very interesting" (she is from Obelisk Blue, a dorm for not only elite duelists, but for ones who did well on the written examination). She would like to meet him, and learn more about him. Judai, by the way, is in the Slifer Red (aka Osiris Red) dorm.

As time goes on, Judai is being teased by a boy named Jun Manjyome, and an angry Chronos is plotting to get revenge on him for his defeat. He even tries to get Judai to go the girls hot bath to see them naked (that got foiled accidently thanks to his friend Sho Marufuji). Well, Manjyome thinks he's the "Duel King" (another Kaiba). They duel, and the result is...Judai, the winner of the duel!

Overall, Judai is something else, and he's quite strong (reminds me of Mutou Yuugi).

Character Description: Jaden Yuki

Jaden Yuki is what I like to call the New Yugi Motou, 'cause he wins almost all of his duels just like Yugi. That, and he got a card from Yugi in the very first episode, though he didn't even recognize him (the friggin' idiot). Anyway, he's also kind of like Joey Wheeler in the fact that he's got Joey's SLIGHTLY annoying overconfidence that he'll win (that, and he always finds the duel to be fun as all hell no matter what).

Jaden ends up being in Slifer Red after his entrance exam (where he kicked Crowler's butt!) and his best friends are Syrus Truesdale and Chumley Huffington. Going back to Jaden being the New Yugi, I also call him that because he's in SLIFER (hello! Egyptian God Card Yugi had!) Red and he's the main character of the show. His catch phrase is 'Get Your Game On!' and he has only ever lost to Zane Truesdale.

Jaden Meets Syrus when Bastion Misawa (Daichi Misawa) just finished up his duel. Then after defeating Dr. Crowler, Jaden gets a low score on the duelist entry exam and is therefore placed in the Slifer Red which is the lowest dorm, along with Syrus Truesdale (Sho Marufuji) and Chumley Huffington (Hayato Maeda), his new friends.

Although Jaden did get a bad score on the exam, he is a very talented duelist and has good instincts. This causes many of the other duelists at the academy to fear him. He was later asked in an episode to be promoted to the Ra Yellow Dorm, but didn't accept as we wished to be with his friends.

Also, Crowler is still trying to get him expelled for the following reasons (and Crowler is having horrible luck with doing so):
A) being late on the first day
B) Beating him in a duel in front of the whole staff and student body
C) Mistaking him for a Mrs.

Despite his carefree attitude, he is an accomplished duelist, having defeated Dr. Crowler during his examination duel, Chazz Princeton (Jun Manjoume) in a school-wide duel, and Bastion for the representative position. He is also responsible for the defeat of almost every Seven Star assassin that they have faced.

While awaiting for a true challenge during his second year, Jaden meets Aster Phoenix. When the two clash in a battle of Hero Decks, Aster accuses Jaden of being a fraud, and that people who only play the Hero cards for fun make him sick. While Jaden doesn't understand why Aster feels to strongly, Aster tells Jaden that Jaden can never defeat him, for Aster has something that Jaden will never have: a reason to duel.

Following his loss, Satorius' powers in Aster's deck strip Jaden of his ability to hear Winged Kuriboh, and Jaden can no longer see his cards. Feeling there's no point in staying at Duel Academy if he can't duel, Jaden leaves, only to be drawn into Neo-Space. There he learns about Satorius and the Society of Light. The Neo-Spacians beg Jaden to wield the powers of Darkness against Satorius, and grant him new Neo cards based on cards Jaden made when he was a child. Satorius' powers break, and Jaden returns to Duel Academy with his new Neo-Spacian deck and Elemental Hero Neos, determined to stop Satorius.

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