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Alexis RhodesAsuka Tenjouin (明日香天上院)Alexis Rhodes (Yu-Gi-Oh! GX)
15 years old (at debut; ages throughout the series)15 years old (at debut; ages throughout the series)
Dark blondeDark blonde
5'0"152 cm
110 lbs49.9 kg
"This is going to be an interesting year."
Sanae Kobayashi
Yu-Gi-Oh! GXYu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX

Character Description: Alexis Rhodes

After Judai is dueled by ugly Chronos, Asuka wanted to learn more about him. As time passed, Chronos wrote a love letter to Judai that was to be from Asuka (oh boy...). Well, Sho got the letter accidently, and Chronos' plan failed.

Asuka saw Sho and demanded to know what he was doing here! Sho said he got a letter from Asuka (and Sho thought that it was for him). Asuka knew she didn't write this letter. Hmm... This was an opportunity to test Judai out. She then wrote Judai a "ransom note," telling Judai that he needs to be at the lake, so they both can duel.

Judai wins, eventually. Asuka is shocked! After Judai and Asuka make "nice nice" they both go to bed. Chronos is looking evilly from the bushes, witnessing the defeat of Asuka. He wants to get rid off that boy!

Asuka then cheers Judai on in upcoming duels.

Overall, Asuka is quite pretty, and very friendly. She might have a crush on Jaden and she's a smart student. Despite her sugar sweet personality, she is definitely a duelist to be reckoned with. Alexis is known to be quite pretty and loyal.

Character Description: Alexis Rhodes

Alexis is a Blue Obelisk student at the duel academy and is quite smart in duel monsters. Being a Blue Obelisk proves that she's a skilled duelist and more than likely passed the written exam.

She gained an interest in the new student, Jaden, when he defeated the hideous professor who appears to be a man-woman and got a half sex change, Chronos.

After Sho got a fake love letter that was supposedly from her, she lured Jaden into a duel with her and lost.

Character Description: Alexis Rhodes

Alexis is very interested in Jaden, it is possible that she likes him. She is always trying to look for her brother Atticus, who disappeared a long time ago. She misses him a lot. That is why sometimes she hangs out with Jaden to find a clue that will help her.

Zane always tells her that she will find her brother and she never gives up hope. She would always leave a rose where her brother and the other students disappeared.

Alexis is a very friendly person. She cares about all her friends. She is a very good duelist, so we can call her the queen of the obelisk blue dorm.

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