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Character Profile: Syrus Truesdale

USA Info
Japanese Info
Syrus Truesdale Shou Marufuji Syrus Truesdale (Yu-Gi-Oh! GX)
Sy(by Jaden)  
Human Human
Male Male
15 years old 15 years old
Light blue Light blue
Light grey Light grey
About 4'9" About 4'9"
Duel Academy Student, Jaden's friend Duel Academy Student, Juudai's friend
"Jaden!" "Aniki!"
Wayne Grayson Suzuki Masami
Episode 1 Episode 1
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX

Character Description: Syrus Truesdale

Ever since the day Syrus first witnessed Jaden's amazing duel victory against Dr. Velen Crowler at a Duel Academy Entree Exam he has been one of Jaden's closest friends. Syrus was placed in the Slifer Red dorm with Jaden and Chumley on the day of arrival to The Duel Academy. Being shy and soft-spoken Syrus stays close to Jaden and supports him greatly, and in return Jaden supports Syrus greatly to.

Syrus has a distant relationship with his older brother, Zane, due to the fact that Syrus has low self esteem in his own dueling skills and with this being seen Zane previously stated that "Syrus didn't belong at Duel Academy". Syrus proved his brother's theory incorrect when he won a tag-team duel with Jaden against the Paradox Brothers. Syrus later on reveals his true feelings to Zane about Zane being right and stating Syrus never belonged at Duel Academy in Zane's duel against Camulla. Zane objects saying he did say Syrus didn't belong at the Duel Academy but things changed since then and Syrus proved himself to belong at Duel Academy and says he loves little brother.

Zane then gives up the duel against Camulla to save Syrus who was going to be use as a soul sacrifice to the Sacred Beasts if Zane had won the duel. Zane is then turned a doll by Camulla due to him losing their duel but Jaden defeats Camulla in his own duel and returns Zane and Dr. Crowler (who was also defeated by Camulla in a duel and then turned into a doll) back to human.

Syrus is originally in the Osiris Red dorm, but transfers to Ra Yellow after he defeats a Obelisk Blue Insect Duelist in duel to be upgraded to the Ra Yellow Dorm. Syrus may be in Ra Yellow but he still stays close to Jaden in devotion.

Character Description: Syrus Truesdale

Syrus Truesdale is what I like to call the New Joey Wheeler cause he's Jaden Yuki's best friend and 'side kick' as he likes to call himself. Sy is also in Slifer Red with Jaden while his older brother Zane Truesdale is in Obelisk Blue, the highest dorm you get to at Duel Academy (which you can SOOOO tell was founded by Kaiba himself! I mean, COME ON!! Obelisk being the top rank and Slifer bein' the lowest! STEREOTYPICAL MUCH!?. Syrus's catch phrase is kind of cute if you ask me. It's 'WAIT UP!'. See? Cute!

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