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Zane TruesdaleRyo Marufuji (亮 丸藤)Zane Truesdale (Yu-Gi-Oh! GX)
Big Bro (by Syrus)Oniisan (by Sho)
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Kaiser (by Judai)
17 years old (at debut, ages throughout the series)17 years old (at debut, ages throughout the series)
Navy BlueNavy Blue
Light GrayLight Gray
Duel Academy Student, Syrus's Older BrotherDuel Academy Student, Sho's Older Brother
Scottie RayMaeda Takeshi
Yu-Gi-Oh! GXYu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX

Character Description: Zane Truesdale

Duel Academy has hundreds of amazing duelists residing on its campus, but none as highly superior as Zane Truesdale. Zane's calm personality followed by his amazing dueling skills has made him the most highly respected and top ranked duelist since his three years at Duel Academy. As an Obelisk Blue Student, Zane only seeks out strong duelists and doesn't bother with mediocre duelists from other Duel Academy Dorms, except for Jaden Yuki who he considers a even opponent. Zane has a distant relationship with his younger brother, Syrus due to the fact that Syrus has low self esteem in his dueling skills, and with this in mind Zane has continually stated that Syrus never belonged at Duel Academy.

Zane's theory about Syrus not belonging at Duel Academy changed when he witnessed Jaden and Syrus's tag-team duel victory against the Paradox Brothers. In Zane's duel against Camulla Syrus reveals his true feelings about Zane being right in saying that he never belonged at Duel Academy but Zane objects and says he did say that but things have changed since then and Syrus proved himself to belong at Duel Academy, and says he loves his little brother.

Zane then gives up the duel against Camulla to save Syrus who was going to be used as a soul sacrifice to the Sacred Beast if Zane had won the duel. Zane was turned into a doll by Camulla due to him losing their duel but Jaden defeats Camulla in his own duel and returns Zane and Dr. Crowler (who was also defeated by Camulla in a duel and then turned into doll) back to human.

Near the end of the first season of Yu-Gi-Oh GX, Zane duels against Jaden for his Duel Academy Graduation Duel. Zane is first displeased with Jaden's dueling performance 'cause Jaden was dueling with his head instead of his heart, but Jaden eventually comes to terms with his performance and starts to duel with his heart to give Zane a duel to remember. Zane and Jaden eventually both lose the duel but they honor each other's participation in the duel. Zane goes to be a professional duelist after he graduated from Duel Academy.

Character Description: Zane Truesdale

After graduating Duel Academy, Zane is admitted into the pro league. He wins duel after duel, until he duels Aster Phoenix. When Aster beats Zane using the same Elemental Heroes that Jaden uses, Zaen falls into a slump. He loses every duel, until he is kicked out of the pro leagues.

Zane Truesdale (Yu-Gi-Oh! GX) Zane is eventually forced to duel in an illegal underground duel. After having all his Machine monsters, including Cyber Dragon, destroyed by his opponent's Slime Deck, Zane realizes his philosophy has been wrong: he believes in respecting his opponent, but only because he was used to winning. Now he knows that to win, you have to show no mercy. Zane summons the evil Chimeratech Overdragon with 4800 points. Constructed of black metal and having six heads, the beast emits an evil aura over the arena. With a barrage of attacks, the dark dragon wins the duel and destroys the dueling arena.

Zane Truesdale (Yu-Gi-Oh! GX) Zane is now addressed as Hell Kaiser by the public, and dons a dark outfit, and a persona to match. He returns to Duel Academy to attack Chancellor Sheppard, dueling him and taking the Cyber-Style Reverse deck, a dark antithesis to his own Cyber Dragon deck. Zane now uses Cyber Dark Dragon as his key monster, willingly destroying his own Cyber Dragons to strengthen his new Cyber Dark beasts.

In response to this, Syrus declares it is not his fate to duel and beat Zane, and show him the error of his ways.

Returning to Duel Academy for the Genex Tournament, Zane eventually duels Syrus, who declares he will free his brother from Hell Kaiser. Laughing that such a match should be a true "Hell" duel, Zane forces himself and Syrus to wear electrodes that will electrocute them as they lose Life Points.

While Syrus and Zane prove almost equal, Zane is much more aggressive, and Syrus is forced to use the Trap "Life Force", that blocks Zane's attacks at the cost of his own Life Points. As he is shocked, Syrus begins to understand how the horrors of such a Hell Duel could change his brother. Eventually, Zane calls forth all three Cyber Dark Monsters, and Syrus cannot block all 3 monsters, and is defeated in a barrage of attacks.

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