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Character Profile: Dr. Vellian Crowler

USA Info
Japanese Info
Dr. Vellian CrowlerChronos De MedizDr. Vellian Crowler (Yu-Gi-Oh! GX)
· · ·
Cronos De Mediz (alternate spelling)
35 years old35 years old
A professor of Duel AcademyA professor of Duel Academy
"I have a Ph.D. in dueling, thank you"
Sean SchemmelHiroshi Shimuzu
Yu-Gi-Oh! GXYu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX

Character Description: Dr. Vellian Crowler

After Chronos lost the examination duel to Judai, Chronos then plotted to get revenge on him. One day, Chronos wrote a love letter to Judai (saying that it was from Asuka) telling Judai that she (Asuka) loved him. Chronos then put this letter in Judai's locker, hoping that Judai would go to the girls dorm and get in trouble.

However, Judai asked Sho to go to his locker to get his boots, where Sho found the letter, and thought it was for him. The letter said to meet her, Asuka, at the girls dormitory (the thought was that Chronos could then take a picture of Judai "spying on the girls" to get evidence that Judai was a pervert, and would therefore be expelled from the Academy).

That night, Chronos was "spying on the girls" and waiting for supposedly Judai. Instead, he got Sho! He was so horrified that he fell into the lake! Asuka heard the noise, and sent her friends to check what was happening. They found Sho. In that case, Asuka put Judai's dueling skill to the test, and in the end, Asuka lost the duel to Judai.

Then (yet again!), Chronos wanted Jun to duel Judai to get revenge on Judai. Chronos gave some special cards to Jun for him to use (these were combo cards that were supposedly unbeatable). In the end of the duel, Judai won. Chronos was completely befuddled as to how that "drop-out boy" beat Jun while Jun had ultra-combo cards. Chronos still looks for a way to get Judai expelled...

Eventually, Crowler is entrusted with one of the Spirit Keys. During his duel with Camula, he and Judai ultimately patch up their rivalry as Judai encourages Crowler to keep fighting. Crowler has since stopped trying to get Judai expelled, but still mocks him on occasion (such as incorrectly pronouncing his name 'Yucky' during a duel).

During the second season, Crowler is appointed temporary principal when Chancellor Sheppard is way. The Vice Principal Napoleon keeps trying to have the Slifer dorm demolished, but Crowler foils his plans. When Sheppard returns, Crowler and Napoleon believe themselves to be fired. Thus, they duel Maximillion Pegasus in a 3-way match, where if Crowler or Napoleon wins, Pegasus will hire them to work at Industrial Illusions. Although Pegasus wins, Sheppard informs the two that they were never fired at all.

Throughout the series, Crowler uses an Ancient Gear deck, with his Ancient Gear Golem as his primary monster. Because the Golem needs 2 Tributes to be summoned, Crowler usually decreases the number of Tributes with "Ancient Gear Factory" or "Ancient Gear Castle". Barring the avoidance of Tributes, Crowler otherwise uses "Magnet Circle Lv2" and "Statue of the Wicked" to Special Summon monsters to Tribute. Although he claims to be an elite duelist, he's lost just as many matches as he has won.

Overall, Chronos is REALLY ugly, snobby, and somewhat egotistical.

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