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Chazz PrincetonJun ManjoumeChazz Princeton (Yu-Gi-Oh! GX)
The Chazz
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Manjoume Thunder
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White Thunder
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Black Thunder
15 years old (ages throughout the series)15 years old (ages throughout the series)
Greenish blackGreenish black
Dual Academy studentDual Academy student
Chazz it up!!"
Tony Salerno
Yu-Gi-Oh! GXYu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX

Character Description: Chazz Princeton

Chazz used to be an Obelisk Blue at dual academy, until Jaden Yuki beat him in a dual. After that, his spot in Obelisk blue was moved down in class because Bastion was moving up to an Obelisk.

This was enough for Chazz, so he left the school and then his boat crashed near North Academy.

The principle of this school gave him a card called Ojama Yellow. This card talks to Chazz and he hates it. After the principle gives him this card he duels all fifty of North Academy's students and wins. This would make him the best dueler in the school, which would mean that he has to go up against Jaden Yuki in the school duel! Just what he wanted....

Chazz has two brothers, Slade Princeton and Jagger Princeton.

Chazz is the first to duel Sartorius in Season 2, who unnerves Chazz with his ability to duel without having to look at his cards. When Sartorius reveals the card "Hanged Man" to Chazz and tells him the Hanged Man is his destiny, Chazz is skeptical, and simply shuffles the card into Sartorius' deck. However, in the move to would end the match, Chazz is forced to choose a card from Sartorius' hand: he is horrified to find the Hanged Man card there. Chazz is converted and becomes Sartorius' conquest, and the Hanged Man card changes to show Chazz.

Chazz duels the majority of the Ra Yellow and Obelisk Blue students, helping them "see the light". He even forgets about the Ojama Brothers, and tosses them away. Jaden finds the cards, and the Ojamas work together with him to free Chazz from the Society of Light.

Throughout most of the series, Chazz has a crush on Alexis Rhodes, that reaches a head when, while in captivity after losing to Lyman Banner, Chazz becomes convinced he and Alexis are meant to be. However, Alexis treats such feelings with annoyance, and is very put-off by the idea of her and Chazz together. Chazz duels Alexis with the help of her brother Atticus, who convinces Chazz that beating Alexis in a duel will make her love him. When Alexis wins, Chazz says it's perfectly fine: "The Chazz always rides alone!"

He then promptly breaks down into tears.

Jun's Japanese nickname, Manjoume Thunder, is derived from the Japanese words "Manjoume sanda", where Sanda is the word for Thunder. Upon entering North Academy, Jun demanded the students there call him "Manjoume san da", where "san" and "da" are honorifics. The students misheard Jun, and began to call him "Manjoume sanda" by accident. Upon his re-entry into Duel Academy, the nickname stuck. After being converted by Sartorius, Jun adopts the nickname "White Thunder" to match his new uniform. After he is freed, he dons his black coat again to be reborn as "Black Thunder".

Character Description: Chazz Princeton

Chazz Princeton. Hmmm........ New Kaiba? I mean, HELLOOOOOOO!!!!!?????? Snotty and stuck up much!? Come on! How lame can they get!? Did they REALLY need to put a new Kaiba in this series!? Okay, don't answer that. Anyways, Chazz is originally in Obelisk Blue at the beginning of the series, but then somewhere along the way he leaves, then apparently the ship he's on crashes into something (they don't say what) and he's stranded there. Then he ends up getting into North Academy and becoming their representative for the School Duel against Duel Academy, then losing to Jaden again.

After that (and his big brother's being a pain in the butt!), he decides to come back to Duel Academy and starts flipping out telling everyone from North Academy to turn the submarine back around 'cause he's going to have to be in Slifer Red 'cause he transferred out then back in. Now he has to (to my great satisfaction 'cause I don't really like him) put up with Jaden, Syrus, and Chumley.

Character Description: Chazz Princeton

Jun Manjyome is an elite duelist in the Obelisk Blue section of KaibaCorp's Duel Academy. His brothers Chousake and Shoji are part of the political and financial society and look down on their younger brother's duelling career.

Jun is forced to duel against Yuki Judai in order for his brothers to gain control of the Duel Academy. Unfortunately, he loses and is degraded to the lowest class Slifer Red. He soon finds himself hanging out with Yuki and Sho Marufuji.

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