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Anime Profile: Gate Keepers

USA Info
Japanese Info
Gate Keepers Gate Keepers Gate Keepers
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Gatekeepers(alternate spelling) Gatekeepers(alternate spelling)
24 TV Episodes 24 TV Episodes
September 25, 2001 April 3, 2000–Sept 18, 2000
Geneon, Animaze Inc. GONZO/Media Factory/WOWOW/Bandai Visual
  Hiroshi Yamaguchi
  Koichi Chigara
Action, Adventure, Comedy, Paranormal Action, Adventure, Comedy, Paranormal
Gate Keepers 21 Gate Keepers 21
Kaoru Konoe Kaoru Konoe
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Megumi Kurogane Megumi Kurogane
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Reiji Kageyama Reiji Kageyama
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Ruriko Ikusawa Ruriko Ikusawa
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Anime Characters: Gate Keepers

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Kaoru Konoe Kaoru Konoe Kazuko Ukiya Kazuko Ukiya
Megumi Kurogane Megumi Kurogane Keiko Ochiai Keiko Ochiai
Reiji Kageyama Reiji Kageyama Mami Ryuukawa Mami Ryuukawa
Ruriko Ikusawa Ruriko Ikusawa Meguro(Megane) Kanetake Meguro(Megane) Kanetake
Shun Ukiya Shun Ukiya Misao Sakimori Misao Sakimori
Yukino Hojo Yukino Houjou Reiko Asagiri Reiko Asagiri
Banba Chotaro Banba Choutarou Saemi Ukiya Saemi Ukiya
Fen Fei Ling Fen Fei Ling Satoko Takanashi Satoko Takanashi
Francine Aryumage Francine Aryumage Tetsuo Ikusawa Tetsuo Ikusawa
Jim Skylark Jimu Sukairaku Tokiwatari Tetsuya(Shirei) Tokiwatari Tetsuya(Shirei)
Jun Sanders Jun Sandasu Yasutaka Fukuoka Yasutaka Fukuoka

Anime Description: Gate Keepers

The year is 1969. The place? Tokyo. Unaware to the majority of Earth, the world is under attack from mysterious Invaders from another dimension! The only thing standing in the Invaders way is the secret organization of A.E.G.I.S. Dedicated to protecting Earth and eradicating the Invaders, the organization is comprised young people who are capable of using "gate powers."

The story focuses on a teenager named Shun Ukiya. After witnessing a battle between the Invaders and a female A.E.G.I.S. agent, he discovers that Shun has gate powers of his own! He also recognizes the agent as a childhood friend. Shun soon becomes a member of the A.E.G.I.S. forces, combating and protecting Tokyo from the Invaders and gaining more new allies along the way.

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