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Yuji MitsuokaYuji Mitsuoka (Gate Keepers)
Reiji Kageyama
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17 years old (Gate Keepers), 48 years old (Gate Keepers 21) (born April 26, 1952)17 years old (Gate Keepers), 48 years old (Gate Keepers 21) (born April 26, 1952)
Blond (Very pale as Shadow)Blond (Very pale as Shadow)
Black Gatekeeper, Invader Executive
Johnny Yong Bosch (Gate Keepers), Kirk Thornton (Gate Keepers 21)Tomokazu Seki
Gate KeepersGate Keepers
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Gate Keepers 21Gate Keepers 21

Character Description: Yuji Mitsuoka

From his childhood, Yuji Mitsuoka had demonstrated an uncanny sixth sense. He had tried to use it to benefit others, especially his father. But the trouble started when his father refused to listen to his warnings... and as a result was ruined. No one would respect him, so when a disreputable businessman came to repossess his father's estate, he snapped. His powers, the result of the Gate of Foresight, reversed polarity... and he became a Black Gatekeeper. He eventually assumes the identity of Reiji Kageyama and joined forces with Kaiser Kikkai and Akuban to form a team of Executives to lead the Invaders against Earth.

Reiji, being the most human and the only one with an actual Gate, is the most devious of the Invader Executives. He integrates himself into the high school the other Gatekeepers attend and uses his words to woo people to his cause. His apparent similarity is what eventually causes Megumi to turn black as well.

He is ultimately defeated by Shun at the end of the series. This causes Reiji to reawaken to his original Gate power, and he eventually re-emerges from the events of the original Gate Keepers series and by the time of Gate Keepers 21 has become an AEGIS authority, using his abilities to help fund AEGIS' continued activities. His personality has stabilized at this point, though he is able to employ both sides of his Gate as needed. At the same time, he's learned of the price one pays for using the Gate so much. This price is different for each person, and in Reiji's case, his body is disappearing bit by bit, such that by late in the events of Gate Keepers 21, he has various prosthetics in and on his body.

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