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Bastion MisawaDaichi MisawaBastion Misawa (Yu-Gi-Oh! GX)
About 15-16 years oldAbout 15-16 years old
Ra Yellow studentRa Yellow student
"I don't get distracted"
Eric StuartYuuki Masuda
Episode 1Episode 1
Yu-Gi-Oh! GXYu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX

Character Description: Bastion Misawa

Bastion is a Ra Yellow student at Duel Academy. He is a close friend of Jaden Yuki, despite his status as Ra Yellow. He is very mathematical, and believes that math and science play a role in everything. His dorm room is covered with mathematical formulas to help him in his duels.

Bastion is the top Ra Yellow student, and scored a perfect on his entrance exam. He was offered entrance to Obelisk Blue upon defeating Chazz Princeton, but declined. He promised himself he would not advance to Obelisk until he was the top student in the freshman class, and he believes that student is Jaden.

To combat Jaden, Bastion builds a 7th deck based off his Water deck, that uses "Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell" to seal Jaden's Polymerization. Despite the fact Bastion calculated his deck to overcome Jaden, his is still defeated.

Bastion serves as a character foil to Jaden: while he develops complex dueling formulas, and is cool, calm and collected, Jaden duels on instinct, and has fun. While Bastion has 6 decks, one for every situation, Jaden uses the same deck for every duel.

Bastion is highly focused, but this focus is not unbreakable: during his duel with Tania of the Shadow Riders, Bastion is continually flustered by Tania's blatant flirting, and makes foolish moves. Afterwards he falls in love with her, and claims he cannot duel after she dumps him: without passion, there's no point. Jaden defeat Tania and shows Bastion duels can still be heated without love, and Bastion comes to his senses.

In Season 2, while Chazz, Alexis Rhodes, and others are taken by Saiou and the Society of Light, Bastion is not considered, and furiously duels Saiou, only to have Saiou step down and have Chazz duel instead. As is typical with Saiou, Bastion finds himself in a position to win, but Saiou manipulates his self-doubt, and Bastion loses on purpose, becoming another member of the Society.

Bastion uses 6 different decks, one for each Attribute. He typically uses a Water deck that relies on the use of Water Dragon, but also has an Earth deck that relies on Magnet Warriors (not to be confused with Alpha, Beta, and Gamma that Yugi Muto uses) and the magnetic forces of Plus and Minus. He is also pictured in the opening credits with a fiery version of Water Dragon, which is presumably in his Fire deck.

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