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Character Profile: Ponygon

USA Info
Japanese Info
Schneider   Ponygon (Zatch Bell)
Ponygon(nicknamed by Kiyo) Umagon
Mamodo Mamono
Male Male
Tan(fur) Tan(fur)
Kafk Sunbeam's partner Kafka Sunbeam's partner
"Meru-meru-me!" "Meru-meru-me!"
Dave Wittenberg Satomi Koorogi
Episode 7 Episode 7
Zatch Bell Konjiki No Gash Bell!!

Character Description: Ponygon

Ponygon was named by Kiyo because Ponygon was unable to speak his real name, which is Schneider. He looks like a donkey or a small horse. He is friends with Zatch and is more then often seen in the show getting into some kind of trouble. So far he has been seen falling off a makeshift sled that Zatch used to get to Kiyo's summer camp, getting chased by a bullying girl in the park, coming out of the airport luggage conveyor belt, among many other scenarios.

For the longest time, Ponygon had no partner, and was always trying to get people to look at his book. Kiyo didn't like Ponygon at first since he found him annoying... though he had good reason, as Ponygon always bit his hand. Ponygon got angry when Kiyo cut the rope Ponygon used to carry his book on his back since his mother made the rope. However, when Ponygon tried to tell him that, since all he made were noises that nobody can understand, Kiyo had no clue what he was saying.

Kiyo soon learned that Ponygon was befriending all of his friends since he was looking for a partner. He was a Mamodo, like Zatch. None of Kiyo friends had Mamodo's, which is why he kept wanting to hang around, but Kiyo was already Zatch's human partner, so Ponygon felt no need to befriend Kiyo.

Ponygon lives with Kiyo at his house until he finds a partner. Eventually, he finds his partner, Kafk Sunbeam (Kafka Sunbeam).

Ponygon's spells are as follows:

  1. Shudoruk (Shudoruku) - Ponygon gets his armor, grows in size, and gains super speed. (Assist spell)
  2. Go Shudoruk (Gou Shudoruku) - Ponygon' gains a golden armor equipped with a horn. (Assist spell)
  3. Dioemuru Shudoruk (Dioemuru Shudoruk) - Ponygon's most powerful armor which gives him control over the powers of fire. (Assist spell)

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