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Character Profile: Sherry Bellmond

USA Info
Japanese Info
Sherry Bellmond Sheri Belmond Sherry Bellmond (Zatch Bell)
· · ·
  Shieri Berumondo(romanization)
Human Human
Female Female
18 years old 18 years old
Blonde Blonde
Blue Blue
Brago's partner Brago's partner
"Hand over the book!"  
Saffron Henderson  
Zatch Bell Konjiki No Gash Bell!!

Character Description: Sherry Bellmond

Sherry is a girl who was born into a rich and powerful family. Her mother took pride in the family name and always expected Sherry to excel at everything. She pushed her daughter as hard as possible and abused her whenever she didn't do things right. When Sherry couldn't take any more pain, she attempted to commit suicide by jumping off a high bridge into a river. She was then saved by a poor girl named Koko, who told her never to give up on her life and to always search for happiness.

When Sherry grew older, she did the best she could to help her friend Koko in life. But one day, Sherry discovered Koko had burned her own town because an mamodo named Zofis took control of her heart to make her evil. Zofis and Koko attempted to destroy Sherry, but she was saved by a dark mamodo named Brago. Sherry had to become the reader of Brago's spellbook and fights alongside him in the mamodo battle.

Despite being a fighter in the battle, Sherry's personal goals are to end the battle (when Brago becomes the mamodo king) and restore her friend Koko back to the kind, caring person she once was. She has a very strong determination and a fierce fighting spirit and will not let anyone interfere with her mission. She, Brago, and her butler Jii travel all over the world in search of mamodo teams to wipe out, hoping to find and defeat Zofis in the process.

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