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TiaTioTia (Zatch Bell)
Megumi's PartnerMegumi's Partner
Melissa FahnRie Kugimiya
Zatch BellKonjiki No Gash Bell!!

Character Description: Tia

Like Zatch, Tia is a mamodo from the other world. When she first came to this world, she was betrayed by her best friend Maruss, because according to him this battle is not about being friends... it's about eliminating all other Mamodos by doing whatever it takes! This is the reason she is no longer trusting of anyone but her bookkeeper.

Everything changes after Zatch and Kiyo helped her. Zatch proved to have gotten stronger and trustworthy. Zatch and Tia made a promise to work together to become a kind king.

Tia has a crush on Zatch (but I don't think Zatch sees it) so she's willing to help him at all costs. But if Zatch gets on her nerves, she WILL choke him!

Tia's spells are as follows:

  1. Seoshi (Seushiru) - A bubble like, transparent force field appears around her, in other words it blocks all attacks from any direction except from underground, hence the fact the shield is basically half a sphere. (Defense spell)
  2. Saisu (Saisu) - Tia's main attack spell, she throws a crescent shaped blast of energy. (Attack spell)
  3. Ma Seshield (Ma Seshirudo) - A very strong defense spell, a disk-like, pink, circular shield appears and blocks off attacks. (Defense spell)
  4. Giga La Sesohi (Giga Ra Seushiru) - Similar to the "Seoshi" spell, Tia creates a Seoshi around her enemy, causing the enemy's attacks to reflect back at them inside the shield. (Immobilization spell)
  5. Saifogeo (Saifojio) - A pink sword appears above Tia that can heal any wounds, even another persons. (Assist spell)
  6. Chaziru Saifodon - A spell similar in appearance to Saifogeo, a giant Goddess is summoned holding a sword with it's hands. The spell is powered by Tia's anger and any bitter or angry past experiences Tia had before appear in the mirror on the Goddess' chest. (Attack spell)
  7. Chaziru Seoshidon - Tia's most powerful defense spell which summons three goddesses. It's a conditional spell which works much like Chajiru Saifodon, but is powered by Tia's determination to protect her friends. (Defense spell)
  8. Rima Chaziru Seshirudon - Tia controls two enormous Chaziru Seshirudon-like shields via a pair of spiritual hands. Tia's strongest spell. (Defense) Gained in Chapter 303.

Character Description: Tia

Tia is the mamodo partner of pop superstar Megumi. She is very untrusting of other Mamodos because her best friend from the mamodo world tried to kill her once the Battle For King started. She first meets Zatch and starts to trust him at the Megumi concert when he fights Marus, and Zatch teaches her that not all the other mamodos are like Marus.

They then meet again in England when Zatch and Kiyo go to visit Kiyo's dad. Her specialty is defensive spells, so she is not very powerful in battle and often has to retreat. She is very friendly to people she trusts.

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