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Dr. LayonEse Savior RaonDr. Layon (Zoids New Century Zero)
38 years38 years
Renegade Zoid scientistRenegade Zoid scientist
Michael Dobson
Zoids New Century ZeroZoids Shinseiki /0

Character Description: Dr. Layon

Dr. Layon's story goes back a couple decades, back when he and a friend of his, Steve Toros, became rivals in romance when they ended up courting the same woman. Unfortunately for him, his friend Oscar goofed up the delivery of a key love letter.

The feud was on. After the object of their rivalry passed away, Layon and Toros were left alone to begin a cold war which boiled down to a big game of "Can you top this?" Each tried to show off what the other could do, but despite Layon's vast resources, Toros always seemed to have a comeback move.

Lately, Layon has been trying to interfere with the Blitz Team, introducing various illegal devices and once kidnapping Leena because she looks like her mother, whom he was in love with, and didn't want her to be hurt in the upcoming battle. When his various efforts failed, he decided to join the Backdraft group, who was also after the Blitz Team (more specifically, Bit's Liger Zero). Using the resources of the Backdraft group, he came up with a potential match for the Liger Zero with an experimental Zoid dubbed Shadow Fox. Thing was, he had no one to pilot it... until Brad Hunter decided to steal it and take it for a spin. Layon sent out a pursuit, but when he saw how naturally Brad was handling it, he changed his mind. He offered Brad the Zoid if he joined Backdraft. That last move would eventually backfire, though, when Brad employed a trick to transfer ownership to the Blitz Team.

Dr. Layon has a soft spot for Leena because she resembles her late mother, and she's the one person who can make him do something decent. During the Royal Cup, when Vega and the Berserk Fury were firing a charged particle beam at several Backdraft interlopers, Leena was about to be caught in the beam... until Dr. Layon put his Whaleking in between to take the shot. As he was carted off in a stretcher, Layon told Toros his suspicions about Liger Zero (which he'd been noticing lately after their first encounter with the Berzerk Fury): that Liger Zero was an Ultimate X like Berzerk Fury and thus the only thing that could stop it.

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