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Brad HunterBallade HunterBrad Hunter (Zoids New Century Zero)
17 years17 years
Dark blueDark blue
About 5'10"About 178 cm
Zoid pilotZoid pilot
Sam Vincent
Zoids New Century ZeroZoids Shinseiki /0

Character Description: Brad Hunter

Brad Hunter is a mercenary Zoid pilot, hired by Dr. Toros strictly for the money at first. A relatively simple and up front young man who tells it like it is, he earns his keep with his piloting skills, fleshing out the rising Blitz team with his experience (to complement Bit) and practicality (to complement Leena).

Brad originally pilots the reliable Command Wolf, but when it's damaged beyond repair, he begins to follow a calling in his heart. Leaving the Blitz Team briefly, he seeks out a calling (like Bit) for a Zoid he could personally bond with, one he saw one time. He found that Zoid in Dr. Layon's laboratory: the experimental Shadow Fox. With sheer bravado, he makes his way into the cockpit, climbs in, and takes off. Quickly figuring out its numerous capabilities, he easily handles the Backdraft's pursuit, prompting Dr. Layon to make him an offer.

So one day, a Blitz Team battle is interrupted by the Backdraft group. Their new opponent? Brad and the Shadow Fox. The Shadow Fox proves most skilled, grounding Jamie's Raynos and downing Leena's Gun Sniper. Bit's Liger Zero, on the other hand, proved quite a match, and he was never able to finish the duel... because the Commission judge was still active, and it dropped a bombshell. It declared the Shadow Fox the property of the Blitz Team. It turns out Brad had never relinquished his Zoid gear (which still had him registered to the Blitz Team and assigned to a Command Wolf), so when he put it in, a conflict arose. The Zoid Battle Commission had the gear reset to have him piloting the Shadow Fox... but still as part of the Blitz Team. Brad had tricked Dr. Layon and proven his true loyalties.

Brad's and Naomi Fluegel have known each other since before Brad joined the Blitz Team, and though Naomi plays hard to get, she rather likes him, especially after an incident with a gang of Sand Stingrays. So when the two of them are facing each other during the Royal Cup, Brad makes an offer. If the Blitz Team wins, Naomi would accept him as a teammate at the next Royal Cup. And while Bit managed to beat Leon, Brad managed to outmaneuver Naomi for once, scoring a critical hit with the Shadow Fox's Laser Vulcan (and scaring the Judge when he shot through its capsule and barely missed the Judge itself). Naomi quips that having him along next time might not be a bad idea.

Character Description: Brad Hunter

Brad is calm and tranquil. He first piloted the Command Wolf zoid, but when it was destroyed he got stuck with a Shadow Fox taken from Dr. Layon. He has a crush on Naomi Flugel, and develops a friendship with her after saving her from McNair's Sand Stingrays Gang .

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