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Character Profile: Captain Stigma Stoller

USA Info
Japanese Info
Captain Stigma StollerCaptain Stigma Stoller (Zoids New Century Zero)
Zoid pilotZoid pilot
Scott McNeil
Zoids New Century ZeroZoids Shinseiki /0

Character Description: Captain Stigma Stoller

The first time the Blitz Team faced off with a Zoid from the Backdraft group, their opponent was Stigma Stoller's Elephander (at the time piloted by his second). The Elephander is a big and powerful Zoid more than capable of defending itself with a multipurpose energy shield. But then Liger Zero Jager surprised everyone by outmaneuvering the Elephander and getting its Strike Laser Claw in to neutralize it.

Since then, Stoller had been itching to fight Bit Cloud and the Liger Zero. The next time they met, Bit used the Liger's Schneider unit instead. That encoutner ended up a draw, with both Zoids damanged from the encounter. Then Bit is kidnapped and forced into a no-holds-barred battle with the Elephander, but the battle is interrupted when the Blitz Team comes to Bit's rescue.

Finally fed up with the Backdraft Group's apparent incompetence, Stigma and his second defect with the Elephander and register with the Zoid Battle Commission as legitimate pilots. Intending to finally prove himself against the Liger Zero, their final encounter was again interrupted, this time by the Backdraft Group, who was out to get Stoller for defecting. In the heat of the battle, Stoller witnessed for the first time the Liger Zero's final CAS unit: the Panzer. Witnessing the awesome power of its Hybrid Cannon and Burning Big Bang, he finally realizes that his Elephander was nothing compared to what the Liger Zero could really do, and he decides against a further encounter with Bit Cloud, bowing out to discretion and better judgment.

Editor's Note: I'm told that Stigma's second may be his brother, Sanders. If you can confirm or refute this, please contact me.

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